Saturday, September 23, 2017


Peter ended his 2 week swimming course that is part of the elementary school curriculum this last week.  He doesn't much like it when I take his picture, so I was sneaky.

Worland Aquatic Center

Pete going into the pool

playing in the pool

I caught the elusive Peter!

The cross country meet this week was a home one at the golf course.  Eric had a PR in his mile split-6:23. He keeps improving each week.  Lucy did better as well.

Lucy sprinting to the finish

Eric pulling ahead at the finish

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Big storms hit...even some snow on the mountain in Cody!

Taken from the parking lot of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Three football games down, won the first against Powell, lost the next two against Buffalo Green River.  Andy made one of the touchdowns against Green River.

Andy, our number 12

Lucy and Eric and doing well in cross country.  They've been running in the rain, which is the best weather to run in!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cross country and Billings

Cross country season has started at the middle school.  Both Lucy and Eric are running this year.  Their first meet was in Lovell and Eric has really improved since last year.  It helped that he ran nearly every week this summer. Lucy isn't quite sure how she feels about running, but is happy to do it with her brother.


Eric sprinting to the finish

We nearly had all our family here this last weekend. Emma went through the temple for the first time and Palmer drove up from Logan and Audrey and her boyfriend, John, flew here from L.A. We had a wonderful time at the temple!  I forgot to take pics at the temple, but here we are at Famous Dave's barbecue afterwards.

We had no air conditioning in the car and it got a little uncomfortable, but well worth it!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Here in our part of Wyoming we were lucky enough to be in the path of the solar eclipse.  Worland was at 99% of totality.  Brian really wanted to see the whole 100% so after the kids went to school we hopped in the car and drove to Shoshoni, about an hour away, in the path of complete totality.  It took a bit longer than an hour since there was a lot of traffic, for Wyoming anyway.  It was worth the drive, simply spectacular!  We didn't have the right cameras and lenses, but I took a few pics while we were there.

This is where we parked our vehicle, about 5 miles on a dirt road outside of Shoshoni

Middle of nowhere

 A few other people out there with us

Directly in front of us was an RV with a cute little girl running around

There were people scattered all along this dirt road

At our feet-lots of cacti
Taking a pic with our phones shows none of the eclipse which is amazing since it was well on it's way here.

It's over half way at this taking, still plenty of light.

Sitting in the back of our vehicle, Brian is looking fine with those glasses!
Here is the 360 degree sunset, it was pretty amazing!

Much more traffic on the way home.

I know this looks like nothing, but realize when we normally travel this road you rarely meet another car.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer happenings

This summer is quickly coming to a close.  Here are some of our memories:

Brian and Andy went to Kansas City, here Andy is in Adam-Ondi-Ahman.

This scene in our house repeats itself over and over

Our Van is growing bigger just like his smile!

Watch out!

Van thinks the Coyote skin is a doggie, comfy to cuddle.

This is my favorite face

Monday, July 10, 2017

Utah week

We spent a week in Utah which included the 4th of July.  My sister and I went through a lot of stuff at my mom's house to get it ready to sell.  My mom collected some amazing things and we had a good time reminiscing.

This is from the dedication of the grave from my Mom's funeral.  My brother-in-law, Bryan, took it.
Emma got her mission call before we left -- Scotland/Ireland Mission!  She leaves for the England MTC on November 29th.
Balloon fest on July 3rd, an Edholm tradition!

Wyoming followed us to Utah - a balloon from Riverton!

This is us riding down to Utah in an non air-conditioned van!

Van (in the middle) got to meet two of his second cousins, Courtney's son Jaden on the left and Becca's daughter Carolina on the right.  They are all a month or so apart in age.

Brian got to catch up with two of his roommates from BYU days.  Jim Campbell on the left and Gary Gibb on the right.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gebo, ghost town of coal mining days

Gebo is ghost town about 30 miles from Worland.  In it's hey day in the 1920s it boasted 20,000 people, 4 times as many as Worland has today.  There is a lot to see out there including a sad baby cemetery as many babies died with the flu epidemic.  We wandered around and drove on some very rough dirt roads and it was really kind of cool!

Lucy in the doorway of what used to probably be a store

Brian, Emma, and Andy emerging from a hole that was a root cellar.  Glad he didn't encounter any snakes while he was down there!

Looking for abandoned artifiacts

This was their view, pretty spectacular.  It was so quiet and calm out there.  We saw a lizard, a jack rabbit and a lone antelope.

Palmer leaning against one of the many walls of the town.

Contemplating what life used to be like there (I think that's what he's doing!)