Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 38

So the two baptisms we had planned went through! And they both showed up the next day to get the gift of the holy ghost and to receive the priesthood, I might have the chance to come back in a year and see Pablo and his wife get sealed in the temple! That would be an awesome experience! But another cool thing is that my companion told me that after the baptism Pablo was talking to the bishop and told him that he was gonna get a new job because he didn't like how his current job didn't let him come to church sometimes. Just hearing things second hand like that makes me so happy and shows that we kind of did our job as missionaries helping the people be converted before getting baptized.
So we have this awesome family that we are teaching, but only the two little girls have been going to church, they told us that they tried to wake up their brother to go to church with them and he said that he's not gonna go to church until his dad goes to church. The only that's stopping the whole family from getting baptized is the dad exercising a little faith and going to church with his kids. If he goes, I'm sure his whole family would go too. It really taught me about the influence parents have on their kids, although he's a great dad and always reads, if he doesn't go to church, his son and his wife aren't gonna go. It really shows how far teaching by example goes.
Well anyway here is a picture of the baptism. From left to right is me, Pablo, Kendry, Elder Varela, and the bishop. Elder Varela baptized Kendry, and the bishop baptized Pablo.
But that's about it for this week, glad all is going well, and that Worland did well in wrestling
Love you guys!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 37

So I got the package this week! I never actually met the guy, but I did meet his brother, and he's a really cool guy. But there was so much great stuff in there that I needed. I probably won't run out of food for a month! But thank you guys so much for that! Oh, and the carpet I'm guessing was my surprise, and it's awesome! I remember saying that I missed carpet, and I do, but that was a pretty cool thing to get, I'm always putting it in my face and scrunching my feet in it, it's amazing! But I sent back not nearly as much as you guys sent me, but I sent some cool stuff that I hope you'll all enjoy!
But the two baptisms that we had planned are gonna happen! Pablo and Kendry were both interviewed on Saturday and we have to review some stuff, but the baptism is going to happen. I have to say, the best thing about being a missionary is watching the change in people, and feeling good about it because you know that you were a part of that change!
But anyway, I'll send you guys a picture of the baptism next week! We are also working with a couple families that are progressing, and they're great families too they're "golden families" as we call it here on the mission, but not too much to report this week I hope everything's going well, Worland's gonna take state in wrestling! Oh and by the way when does Peter start wrestling? Did it already start?
Love you guys!
Elder Edholm

Picture texted me from the man that brought Palmer his package.

This is an explanation of Palmer's surprise package.  There is a family that moved into our ward here in Worland just this last December.  I found out talking to the mom that her husband is from the Dominican Republic and that he goes back there often.  In an amazing coincidence that has become a wonderful blessing this man grew up one hour north of the city Palmer is serving in.  He was able to take a package to him that practically cost me nothing!  Palmer's birthday package cost me over $75 and took about 8 or 9 weeks to get there.  This was hand delivered to him!  I can't express how grateful I am for this act of service for Palmer and for us.  I felt badly he didn't get a Christmas gift and this more than makes up for it!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 36

Hey everyone, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it went well for you guys because Valentine's Day down here is just another excuse to drink all day long, haha. But I'm sending some cool stuff back with that guy to you guys, I hope you guys all like it!

So we're definitely gonna have to baptisms on the 27th of February! I'm pretty sure about them. One is Pablo that I've been talking about, and he is just doing great! The other one is Kendri and he's 13 years old. He wasn't taking us very seriously, like he was joking around a lot in the lessons, and just being kind of inappropriate. I talked to my mission president about it, and he basically told me that if he wasn't gonna take us seriously, than we shouldn't teach him. So for the next visit we sat down and talked very frankly with him. I told him that if he keeps joking around and not taking us seriously that we can't baptize him or continue to pass by. I told him that we're not the teachers, that the Holy Ghost is the teacher, and if we're not serious we can't learn anything.

It was interesting how the spirit was so strong with me when I was talking with him, and that really the spirit doesn't only work to help people feel good, but also works to help people notice what they're doing wrong. It really worked though because now he is very serious with us and his baptismal date is set for the 27th of February.

But, not much more to say this week besides that we're working really hard here in Villa Altagracia, Elder Varela and I are really learning how to work together better because when he first arrived we really had some challenges as far as how to work together because we worked really differently, but it's just really cool to see how people can really work things out, not matter the differences that they have.

Love you guys!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 35

Well I'm staying with Elder Varela for another transfer which is great! We are really working hard together! One cool thing that I've noticed a lot lately is how the process of conversion happens.
So with our investigator Pablo, we've really been trying hard with him, we always pray for him, and we study for him a lot too. But he said something just recently that really hit me hard. He told us that every time he understands more, and that every time he likes this gospel more. It really shows me how the conversion process happens, that usually it's not a huge change, but it's like a sunrise, little by little you can see more light, and Pablo just testified of that to me. He has a firm baptismal date now for the 27th of February and he's really excited for that.
I've also noticed that when I'm more obedient, or when I do the hard things that I don't want to do, I'm more excited to work or to find new people or just to go the extra mile in general. But anyways I love the pictures that you guys sent me! I wish I could have a six foot poster of myself, haha.
Anyway, sorry it's short this week
Love you guys!
Elder Varela with a chicken

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Eric and the Klondike

This weekend Eric went on the Klondike and had a lot of fun.  They went ice fishing and Eric brought home the fish he cleaned.  He said it wasn't too cold, only 10 degrees!  Here he is in the snow cave he slept in:

Eric, Christian Peterson, Josh Cady

Eric being wacky in the yellow hat.

His scout leaders did a great job!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Senior Night for Emma

Last night at the varsity basketball games they honored all the senior cheerleaders!  They hung giant 6 ft. posters up in the gym of each of the senior cheerleaders and then called each of them (there were 5) to walk out on the floor with their parents and announced what they have accomplished in their high school career and their future plans.  Then the cheer squad performed their routine that they are going to do for state cheer in a few weeks.  They looked really great and, of course, I thought Emma was the best!  Sure love that girl!

Escorting our girl

Worland Cheer Squad

Emma's huge poster

Cheer squad, Emma's on the far left

Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder Edholm -- week 34

(So this is a sad short letter this week!  But I did get a picture so I guess I need to be happy with that!)
Had a good week
Lots of people emailed me with long messages, haha, actually a good thing
Worked lots
Love you guys, talk to you next week more, I promise