Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sister Edholm - week 3

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pennsylvania Day 5

SOOOO, we were supposed to be flying into Denver today, but at the Pittsburgh airport they were asking for volunteers to get bumped since they overbooked the flight. We decided to go for it since they gave us each $800 in flight vouchers and a free nights stay at a hotel, which happened to be the Marriott, and $40 for dinner which all made up for the fact that we had zero luggage. We fly out tomorrow morning and get a non stop flight instead of having layovers, so that's great.  We drove around Pittsburgh a bit today.

Pittsburgh Steelers Three Rivers Stadium

Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium

View from the 10th floor at the Marriott

It's been overcast the entire time we have been gone, including in Wyoming when we left last Wednesday, but I haven't minded at all.  It's been a wonderful time!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Day 4 in Pennsylvania

Sunday!  We found a church in Youngstown Ohio to attend today. 

Parking lot of church

It took us about an hour and a half to reach Youngstown from Clarion. Then we drove through Middlefield Ohio because that is the center of Amish country.  We saw a lot of Amish buggies and girls walking along the roads. 

You can see the buggies in the distance

This is in the Walmart parking lot

There were other stores that had these outside in the parking lot as well

We drove around for awhile waiting for the visitor center at the John Johnson home to open, which is in Hiram Ohio, not far from the Amish.  Our time visiting there was wonderful and we felt the power of the Spirit in the home where Doctrine and Covenants 76 was received among other sections.

Then we drove another 45 minutes to Kirtland. We went through the temple and found the bench that Brian's brother, Barry, made for the Kirtland temple in 2006.

His name under the bench

Then we went to the Church's visitor center and went on the tour with the sister missionaries to the Whitney story, Whitney home, and the Johnson Inn. It was a great experience and I really felt the sacredness of those places.

Tomorrow we leave and I will be sad to say goodbye!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Days 2 & 3 in Pennsylvania

Friday Brian and I at the suggestion of our Bed and Breakfast host, Bill Miller, (aka host extraordinaire) drove through Cook Forest which starts just a short 20 minutes outside of Clarion.  It was beautiful as we drove along the Clarion River with trees heavy with snow and the serene river.  I didn't take any pictures (my bad) as I was just enjoying the drive. So I am going to cheat and insert a Google Pic of the Cook Forest.

Friday night we had a reception at the director of the program's house who also happens to be my advisor, Dr. Lillard. We were able to talk with someone from the American Library Association (ALA) who was there to speak with the online graduates. It was an amazing time to meet all my professors whom I have taken classes from and talk with them and other students. Dr. Lillard's home is just a block from the Bed and Breakfast and the walk there was beautiful as well.

 Earlier that day Brian and I walked around the campus. Clarion has been around for 150 years and has some beautiful buildings. I took a picture of the Library, of course!

This simply beautiful cross stitch is in our room at the B&B and it summarizes perfectly what my idea to go to grad school years ago did for me today.

Today was the big day--Graduation!  We had a brunch before the ceremony at Dr. Lillard's home and again it was great to talk with everyone.  Then amid lightly falling snow we went to the ceremony.  I could hardly believe it when I walked into the gym with the rest of the graduates.  It was almost surreal.

Waiting to go into the ceremony

My selfie attempt

Brian took this you can see me turning my head to look at him in the middle

There it is, my diploma!

The happy couple!

Brian caught the announcing of my name on video:

My professors, Dr. Lillard (director of the program and my advisor), Dr. Clark, Dr. Ha, and Dr. Aristeguita

It was an incredible day and I'm so grateful I had this opportunity and that I came all the way to Pennsylvania!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 1 in Pennsylvania

Brian and I are in Pennsylvania so I can walk through graduation at Clarion University of Pennsylvania on Saturday and receive my Masters of Library and Information Science.  We drove from Worland to Denver yesterday and stayed overnight so we could fly out of Denver this morning. I was so excited to touch down in Pittsburgh!  I've never been this far east and I'm loving the beautiful country!  We are staying at the Clarion Bed & Breakfast which is a 125 year old home and it's incredibly beautiful!  The owners have welcomed us and have made us feel comfortable in every way.  Here are a few pictures which do not do this house justice.

Beautiful stained glass in the sealing.

Antique decor throughout the home

Our room, the "blue room"

Stair case, all the woodworking is amazing

This tree is phenomenal!  It took Bill and his wife Judy 7 days to decorate it!

Dining room, I love window seats!

Tribute to my mother, she would have loved these-beautiful blooming Christmas cacti

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sister Edholm - week 2

Emma sent pictures this week! 

Sister Kearns and Emma wearing their Southern Utah University and Dixie State sweatshirts

Pday eating fish and chips

Preston temple with companion Sister Bair

Emma's roommates on a church history tour

Companion, Sister Bair

Sister Perkins, first person she met

Sister Freeman, Sister Kearns, Sister Bair
Abinadi district in front of the Preston Temple

Sister Bair in front, Elder Ablitsov from Ukraine, Elder Skelton, Elder Rowland, Sister Terry