Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My kids at their senior pictures

I've been creating Palmer's graduation invite and it's finally done and ready for me to pick them up.  As I was looking at pictures and Palmer and I were deciding which to use I looked at the pictures of Audrey and Lauren when they were seniors.  Pretty dang good looking group of kids!

And all three of them will be making life changing choices in their near future!  I'm so proud of these three and their lives lived so far.  I know as they go to the temple and receive sacred covenants they will have the ability to influence people to change their lives for the better and their personal lives will only get stronger.  I have been blessed to have these precious spirits in my home.  I love all three of them with my whole heart!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

He Lives - Celebrate Easter Because Jesus Christ Lives

Today is Palm Sunday and as we start to celebrate the week before Easter I wanted to share this video that beautifully illustrates how important Easter is to the world.  I enjoyed listening to the many testimonies today at church that were shared about the Savior.  I am grateful that I know of the gospel of Jesus Christ and most importantly that I know through the feelings of the Holy Spirit that it is true.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sports updates....

Current scores in the Edholm family:

Middle School track invitational:

Schools participating: Cody Middle School, Ten Sleep School, Cloud Peak Middle School, Thermopolis Middle School, Meeteetse School, Worland Middle School, Greybull Middle School

Andy-- 4th place High Jump, 4 feet 6 inches
             4th place Long Jump, 14 feet
             4th place Triple Jump, 30 Feet 2 inches
             3rd place 75 Meter Hurdles

(Side note, this was Andy's first time to compete in all 4 events and his hamstring and back are hurt at the moment)

Greybull USA Wrestling Tournament:

Eric--2nd place in the 70 pound weight class
Peter--4th place in the 50 pound weight class

(side note, Peter barely lost 2 of his matches by a point, he get's pretty upset when he loses and there are lots of tears and he also pinned one of his opponents who happened to be a girl!)

Edholm family March Madness basketball prediction contest:

Scores going into the Elite 8:

1st place, Mom with 38 points
2nd place, Emma with 37 points
3rd place, Palmer with 36 points
4th place, Andy with 35 points

Lucy is participating in a softball clinic today in preparation for the upcoming softball season that she is going to play in.

Emma returned from Cheyenne at 10:30 last night.  She didn't place in the state FCCLA competition, but had fun and bought a cool shirt.

Palmer and the Worland High School Jazz band played well in the Jazz Festival in Laramie yesterday and will be home in a few hours.

And finally, I have lost 3 pounds on my quest to lose 10 before Lauren's wedding since the dress I bought is a size too small!

I think I need to start my own news feed for all the activities my children participate in!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring comes to Wyoming!

I think it may finally be here.....SPRING!  I have green shoots coming up around my tree and by the house, I have no clue what they are, but it's a so much better than white snow and brown trees!  The sun is shining today and the kids are playing outside and it's Friday!

Bright SUN!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eric and Peter wrestle

Eric and Peter had their first wrestling tournament on Saturday in Thermopolis.  Palmer took them since I was in Utah and Brian had to work.  He did a great job coaching them both and being an awesome brother!  Eric came in 4th in his weight class. (There were only 4 guys in his weight class and he lost every match, but it was his first time and he got a ribbon!)  There were a lot of little boys in Peter's weight class.  He lost 2 and won 2 matches.  They wrestle in Greybull on Saturday and then there are only two more tournaments and the season is over.  Peter seems to like it and Eric goes along with it, but they are both getting better.  The coach is very encouraging to both of them.

Emma is gone this entire week.  She is in Cheyenne for the state FCCLA competition.  Between cheerleading, band, drama, and FCCLA I think she has been to nearly every city in Wyoming!  Palmer leaves on Friday for Laramie for a University of Wyoming jazz festival where the high school jazz band is participating.

Andy has his first track meet on Saturday and thankfully it's at home!  He will be doing the triple jump and hurdles.

Brian and I were going to be in Billings this Friday and Saturday for a conference put on by one of Bloedorn's suppliers, but we decided to stay home because of all the things that are going on this weekend.  With Palmer and Emma gone it was going to be difficult getting the boys to Greybull and Andy really wanted us to watch his track meet.  So we are dividing and conquering, Brian to Greybull and me to the track meet and Lucy gets to choose which one she wants to go to.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bridal shower in Utah

Another trip to Utah accomplished!  Emma, Lucy, and I left on Thursday afternoon and stayed through Sunday.  Audrey and Susie gave Lauren a kitchen bridal shower on Saturday afternoon.  It was a great success with lots of relatives that I haven't seen in awhile attending.  Lauren got some nice things including a set of dishes that belonged to my Grandma McCoy that Lynette, my cousin, gave her.

While we were in Utah Audrey and I were able to buy her temple dress and temple clothes in preparation for when she attends the temple in April.  She looked beautiful in the temple dress and I'm excited for her to go through the temple for the first time!

Emma and Lucy got to spend some sister time with Audrey and Lauren and even spent the night at Audrey's apartment.

Audrey had a grand time in Kansas with her friends.  I picked her up at the airport on Friday afternoon and got to spend some time in Salt Lake by myself before her plane came in.  That was a rare experience!  I had to take Palmer's birth certificate to the Lt. Governor's office to be authenticated for his FBI application that he needs done before he can get his VISA.  After I got that done I noticed that I had filled a part of the FBI application out wrong!  I was really hesitant to send it in to the church if something wasn't right and thus delay Palmer's VISA.  So since I was in downtown Salt Lake I went over to the Church Office Building and talked to the people at the front desk.  They got me security clearance to go up to the 14th floor and talk to the girl who is assigned to Palmer's VISA.  She said it was all good and I handed the paper work off to her.  I'm glad I was able to double check that it was all correct while I happened to be in Utah!

I walked around Temple Square and City Creek Center to kill sometime before I went to get Audrey.  It was beautiful with the spring flowers and sunshine and I couldn't help smile as I walked around and observed the missionaries talking with many people in many languages and saw the wedding parties around the temple taking pictures.  I decided to take a few pictures myself:

Salt Lake Temple

Assembly Hall

Salt Lake Temple

Another view of the Assembly Hall

The spring flowers were lovely, too bad this picture doesn't have "smell ability", their aroma was wonderful.

The Christus in the North Visitors Center

A view of the temple through the second floor of the North Visitors Center

And again, the temple

A view of the temple across from the reflecting pool

The drive wasn't too bad, although I'm tired today.  Emma was a big help driving, I even felt confidant enough while she was driving to close my eyes!  I decided to invest in a portable DVD player for the long car rides.  It was the best decision!  Lots less whining in the car.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cheerleading is over

Cheerleading is officially over!  Our boys basketball team made it to the finals at state on Saturday night.  They lost to Buffalo in double overtime by one basket.  It was pretty heartbreaking for them.  Especially since the last time the Worland boys basketball team won state was in 1921!  Emma had a great time as a cheerleader, there was some drama, but a lot less than I expected.  Here they all are at the Casper Events Center this last week:

Emma is on the far left

Now that cheerleading and wrestling is over (at least for Andy and Palmer, Eric and Peter still have their wrestling until the end of April) track is in full swing.  Palmer is not participating, but Emma and Andy are.  Andy is thinking about doing the triple jump and Emma is running long distance.

Palmer got his FBI clearance application in the mail yesterday.  I took him to the police station so he could get his fingerprints.  Then I have to get a new birth certificate for him when I got to Utah on Thursday and mail it all in.  The mission to do list is getting shorter!

Brian and Lucy made a "Leprachaun trap" last night.  It was a school assignment and turned out really cute!  Lucy loved working with dad and is very proud of her trap!

Audrey flew into Kansas City late last night.  I hope she has a great visit with all her Kansas friends.  My great friend Traci will be taking her pictures for her college graduation while she is out there visiting her old roommates.  Traci does a great job and I'm sure they will turn out awesome!!!

It looks like snow today, I hope for the last time this winter.  Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!  We had our Irish dinner on Sunday--corned beef and colcannon.  We have to eat corned beef once year whether we like it or not (which is mostly an or not!).

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday thoughts....

I had my first meeting with the stake young women's girls camp board this morning.  The stake young women's president is in my ward and just lives around the corner from me.  It is very apparent how much she loves the girls and wants to help them be their best.  I think this is her 12th year at camp!  I get to be in charge of certification at camp, according to Audrey, that's the "boring" part of camp!  I don't mind at all, it doesn't involve any creativity so it's right down my alley!

I am playing the organ in sacrament meeting now since the organist was part of the ward that was taken to create the new 3rd ward.  That means there is no one to lead the music, since that was my job, so I get to ask people.  Emma and Palmer are alternating for the month of March and in April I have another young woman who will do it for the whole month.  We also lost a half of the people who came to choir practice, but we asked some young women to come and that has helped.

As I was sitting in the chapel during sacrament meeting today I felt gratitude.  I'm happy to be here, more specifically in the Worland 2nd ward.  I truly feel apart of this ward and feel a great affection for the members.  Amidst all the things going on in my life with my family [graduations, marriage, mission] and my callings [stake girls camp board, 2nd counselor in RS, ward music chairman (which includes the organ/chorister and ward choir/accompanist)] I don't feel stressed or worn out or exhausted.  I only feel good.  My family is good.  My life is good.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wedding dress.....

And the winner is......

She went back on Tuesday with my mom and sister and Audrey and decided on this gorgeous dress!  She looks amazing in it.  She won't have the belt that is on it and will not wear a veil either.  She will be a beautiful bride--my little Lauri she's all grown up, but I still remember this little girl:

We tackled our front yard today.  Brian didn't have to go into work today for a change so we took the kids that were home (Andy and Peter) and raked up all the leaves that have been under feet of snow for 3 months, cut down bushes, cleaned out flower beds and swept the walks.  It looks soooo much better!  I'm sure Palmer and Emma (who are in Casper for the state basketball tournament, Emma for cheerleading and Palmer for the band), Eric (at a scout snow day in the mountains), and Lucy (at Fiona's) are all disappointed they didn't get to help!  Now we are ready for it to snow one last time before it can be officially spring.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wedding dress shopping!

Emma and I left for Utah on Friday morning.  It was an uneventful trip, which is always a good thing.  My good friend, Candace Cottrell, let me borrow their PT convertible cruiser because it doesn't guzzle gas like our van.  It was so fun to drive and made the trip more enjoyable, especially when we took the top down!

The trip was so much fun and I enjoyed being with Emma and Lauren and Audrey.  We found dresses for all of us and Lauren has narrowed her search down to 2 dresses, so it was a great success!

Here are some pictures of our trip:

First bridal appointment at Gowns by Pamela, we wait......

This gown was stunning and had pockets!  It was VERY poof and not Lauren.

This dress is currently in 1st place I think.  We LOVED Allyses Bridal!

We put the top down on the convertible and drove through Provo with the heater on full blast!

We were laughing hysterically!


Emma's dress, it's perfect on her!

Audrey's dress, she loves it and she looks adorable!

This is the other dress that is in the running, short is so cute on Lauren!

My "Mother of the Bride" dress, that phrase sounds soooo old!  The girls wanted me to pick a color instead of black, but old habits are hard to break!

We are waiting for front runner to take us back to Orem, the engine died so we ended up waiting for an HOUR!

This one was Audrey's favorite, it was sooo pretty with the layers of tulle.  Lauren looks good in everything!

This one was a bit too trumpet style for Lauren's liking, but I like the top a lot.

It was a fast paced weekend!  While I was gone I was sustained as the 2nd counselor in the relief society presidency!  I still have my other two callings as well--ward music chairman and member of the stake young women's camp board plus I have 5 sisters I visit teach!  I think life will not slow down for a while yet, but I'm totally on board for the ride!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Here's to you Brian!

Brenda's wedding 1987

Brenda's wedding Manti Temple 1987

Christmas 1983 with Brady

1991 with me!

Senior picture 1983

Senior picture 1983

Senior picture 1983

sophomore high school 1981

1967, Bridgette, Blythe, Brenda, Brian, and Brady

Christmas 1983 from the top right clockwise Brian, Ben, Barry, Brenda, Brady

It's been a good 50 years!!!

Brian is the big 5 0 !

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Brian
Happy birthday to you!

Brian turns 50 today!  Wow, what an age to be!  I wish I could say we have wonderful things planned for today, but alas no.  Tonight at 5:30 is the wrestling banquet for Palmer and then at 7:00 is the band concert that Emma and Palmer are playing in.  So it will be a night with our children, which isn't so bad.

Emma and I leave for Utah tomorrow morning for the weekend!  Hopefully we can purchase a wedding dress for Lauren in two days!  Keep your fingers crossed.

Palmer gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning, I feel bad I won't be there to help him out, but he only has 2 and I hope it won't be bad.

Monday, March 2, 2015

So I can now say that Lauren and Matt are officially engaged!  Hooray!  They have set their date for May 16th in the Provo Temple.  We got to get to know Matt a little better when Lauren and Audrey and he came up to see us a few weeks ago and we are looking forward to many happy years with this couple in our lives!

Matt is grew up in Springville and is the youngest of 9 children.  He works at BYU, which is where he met Lauren.  They met last June and started dating last September.  I think they are planning on living in Springville in one of those, "I'm newly married basement apartments" that many of us have experienced and have wonderful memories from.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lot's of news to report today!

Brian and I got to go to Casper Friday and Saturday to the state wrestling meet.  We took Andy with us since Emma was already there with the cheer squad.  Our friends, the Stott's,  let Peter, Lucy, and Eric stay overnight with them.  I've never been to Casper before so I was excited to see a new city.  It took us about 2 and a half hours to get there.  The city is very spread out and seems like it should have more people than it does.

Palmer lost his first match at the state meet which put him into the wrestlebacks.  In order to place he had to win three more matches.  He won his next one on Friday.  Saturday came and Brian and I were so nervous for him!  It was his goal to place in state and two more wrestlers stood in his way.  Both Brian and I were praying so hard for him!  He pinned both his guys!  I was so happy I almost started crying!  Now he was guaranteed a place.  If he won the next match he would wrestle for 3rd and 4th, if he lost he would wrestle for 5th and 6th.  He ended up losing both, which disappointed him, especially the last one, but he placed in state!!

Emma did a great job of cheering and it was fun to watch her, she looked so cute!  Here are a couple of highlights of the two days:

152 weight class winners, Palmer is on the right.

I love this pretty picture of Emma!

Palmer during one of the matches

The boys!

Emma, the cutest cheerleader!

Here is the video of Palmer receiving his medal.  Yes that's Emma giving it to him!

Today we had a very special Sacrament meeting at church.  Two weeks ago we got the okay from the First Presidency to form a 3rd Worland ward.  The Worland Stake was created in 1980 with 6 ward units and hasn't changed for 35 years.  We've finally reached enough numbers to qualify for the creation of another ward.  Both wards met together this morning and we only had sacrament meeting.  We got to see the new ward boundaries and then listened as many people were released and many people were called including the new bishopric.  It was a very neat experience for me and I felt the Spirit very strongly.  Many members who have been here since the creation of the stake were dreading this, they would be separated from friends and family members.  However, the feeling there was one of love and excitement and courage to go forward with the new assignments.  Our family will stay in the 2nd ward, we were not impacted very much.  Brian kept all his Young Men Presidency and we lost very few youth.  I get to stay with my visiting teaching companion and all 5 of our sisters we visit.  We didn't have any members added to our ward.  This is an exciting time for us here in Worland, we will have the opportunity to reach out to more people and bring those back who have stopped attending.  Next Sunday we will again only have sacrament meeting as many organizations will have to restaff positions.  I feel very blessed to have moved here and to be involved in this work of salvation here in Worland.  The stake president said that the final piece of this puzzle was put in place as this summer many large families moved into the ward.  This desire to form a new ward has been many years in the making and I know now another reason we moved up here.  It's humbling to know that we are part of the Lord's plan for the growth here in this small section of his vineyard.