Thursday, August 20, 2015

Official first day of school

Today marks the first day of school for my kids!  Yesterday Eric and Andy went to orientation, but today it starts!  Andy had 6:00am football practice, but still managed to come home and shower and be ready on time!  Seminary doesn't start until Monday, so today was a little more relaxed getting everyone up and ready to go.

Getting Peter to do a normal face is always a struggle!  Andy is looking so excited to be taking this picture!

Lucy is trying to get him to smile and it worked!

I hope it a great day for all of them, they looked great as they left this morning!  I had to restrain Lucy, she wanted to leave 45 minutes early to walk to school!  I made her wait and leave 30 minutes before school starts!

Here's to a good school year for my kids!

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