Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas activities

Andy had his first basketball games last week.  He played against Lovell and beat them handily.  Then they played Rocky Mountain (which is the high school in Cawley) and it was a very exciting close game.  They won in overtime.  Here is a picture:

Andy shooting a free throw

Peter had his Christmas program with the 1st-3rd grades.  He got to play the drums which made him very happy.

He is in the 2nd row from the top with the whitish shirt on

Peter is on the 2nd row from the top in front of the girl with the red dress trimmed in white.  I love how he sways to the music!

Lucy as we were waiting for the concert to begin.

My mom gave me a wonderful Santa for Christmas and in a rare moment of creativity I created this for him to stand among from the sawed off branches from our Christmas trees.

Looks better in real life!

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