Saturday, October 1, 2016

Conference Weekend Happenings

This General Conference weekend started off with a trip to Cody to watch Andy and the Worland Warriors play football.  Unfortunately they lost by quite a lot!  Andy got in a good block that resulted in a touchdown for us, but it wasn't quite enough. It was a beautiful night in Cody, however.

On Saturday Eric had a cross country meet in Thermopolis, only 30 minutes away from Worland.  Brian went to see him run and he was looking great!  He got to run amid the beautiful red cliffs of Thermop at the very hilly golf course.

Here he comes rounding the corner!

Thermopolis Golf Course

Meanwhile back at home I watched the first sessions of General Conference with Peter and Lucy and Macy and Fiona.  Brian and Eric made it back from Thermop in time to catch the second half of the session.  Andy stayed at the cross country meet to watch his friends run varsity.

Lauren shared this sweet photo of Van watching his first conference:

And here are a few more Van pics, because I'm a Van Fan!

My Fav one!

Daddy and baby are TIRED!

Accomplishment of the day, everyone stayed awake during both sessions of conference!!

Peter and Myles Trombley

Macy Trombley, Lucy, Fiona Trombley and Andy on the couch

Looking forward to tomorrow's sessions.  Lucy is going to leave with the Trombley's after the first session tomorrow to go to the Star Valley Temple Open House.  She is soooo excited!  She gets to stay overnight in a hotel and everything!!  Star Valley is about 5 hours away from us and so we have not found a time to go that wouldn't interfere with football and cross country.  We are happy Lucy will get to go!

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