Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas tree #1

Emma is home and she wanted us to wait to cut down the Christmas tree until she was able to go with us.  So today Brian, Emma, and I drove to Ten Sleep, bought the tree permit, and headed up the canyon.  We didn't go as far as we normally do and turned off at the Ten Sleep Fish Hatchery.  We parked and hiked amid the bushes and snow drifts to find out smallish tree.  It was beautiful out there and had warmed up a bit, in the 20's, much better than the below zero temps we've been having.

Brian and the chosen tree

Beautiful Ten Sleep Creek

Emma getting ready to throw a snowball at me

Pre-snowball throw

Lights added

Finished product

We are planning on getting tree #2 when Audrey comes this weekend.

After our cold adventure, we came home to eating Elk tonight!  YUM!

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