Friday, March 31, 2017

Wyoming weather & wildlife

Lucy and I were planning a girls weekend in Utah to meet up with Audrey, Lauren, and Emma and spend time with Matt and Van too as well as Susie and my mom.  The weather had other ideas!  We woke up this morning to the news that South Pass was closed with heavy snow.  So did we cry, Goodness No! to quote Pete the Cat.  We went northwest with our friends the Stilson's and saw wonderful wildlife and had great food at a cafe in Cody called Peter's.

In the Stilson's car

Pete and Lou, it was a little chilly

This is the Devil's Elbow in the Shoshone River, it flows out of Yellowstone


Trying to skip rocks in the fast moving Shoshone River

So many Big Horn Sheep!

So close to the road, just outside of Yellowstone
The bison were trying to shed their hair and were scratching themselves on the rocks, they must have been itchy!

Elk herd

Wild horses, very cool!
We drove as far as the road was open up to within 3 miles of Yellowstone National Park.  The only thing we wanted to see and didn't was some moose. 

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