Sunday, April 9, 2017

Junior Prom Worland High School 2017

Andy got asked to prom by a senior (here in Worland there is no such thing as only a boys choice or girls choice dance, either can ask).  The rule is if you are a freshman or sophomore you cannot go to Junior Prom unless a junior or senior asks you.  Lindsay Rich asked Andy, she is in the 3rd ward and plays basketball, in fact she has a basketball scholarship to Black Hills State. She is a really nice girl and they had a great time, except Andy was falling asleep for part of the date-he doesn't do well staying up late since he's usually in bed by 9:00. There were a lot of great friends at the dance and I shot a few pictures.

Jaden, Andy, Caitlin, Porter

Andy and Lindsay

Poor picture of the Grand March

J.R. to the left and Caitlin front and center

Jaden, Andy's bestie

Shiloh and Jaden

Mom pic!

Kylie and Porter (he looks slightly creepy in this pic, but he's really not!)

Nathanael, Emily, and Kylie

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