Monday, May 1, 2017

Piano Recital

Last night I had my end of the school year piano recital at the Museum.  All the kids did so well!  I was a very proud teacher.  Here is the program and some pictures.

Edholm Piano Studio Spring Recital
April 30, 2017, 6:00pm
Washakie Museum

Eric Edholm                                                                      Native Dancer
Charlie Russell                                                                   Rainbow Rock
Duet: Leanne Croft & Lucy Edholm                                 Two for a Seesaw
Laramie Trauntvein                                                            Rainbow Fish
Lucy Edholm                                                                     Chimes
Duet: Peter Edholm & Grant Page                                     Fine Feathered Friend
Keira Woffinden                                                                 Blue Mood
Halle Wittwer                                                                      Waterfall Jewels
Duet: Kinlee Hofmann & Laramie Trauntvein                    The Setting Sun
Owen Page                                                                          Ballade
Grant Page                                                                          Watching the Clock
Duet: Halle Wittwer & Fiona Trombley                              Crocodile Creep
Peter Edholm                                                                      Fire and Wind
Fiona Trombley                                                                   Chimes
Duet: Lucy Edholm & Keira Woffinden                              Doo-Wop at the Sock Hop
DeEtte Hofmann                                                                A Race Against the Clock
Duet: Eric Edholm & Charlie Russell                                  This “n” That
Kinlee Hofmann                                                                  I’m a Puppet
Duet: Ira Croft & Owen Page                                              Ready, Set, Rock
Andrew Edholm                                                                  Mist
Leanne Croft                                                                       Pyramid Power
Duet: DeEtte Hofmann & Macy Trombley                         A Groovy Tune
Ira Croft                                                                              The Whiskery Walrus
Macy Trombley                                                                    Rolling Clouds
Duet: Andrew Edholm & Jaycee Page                                  In the Hall of the Mountain King
Oboe Solo: Dane Bennett                                                    Sonate Opus 166 by Saint-Saens
                                                      Second and Third Movements, accompanied by Julie Edholm

Andy with his duet partner, Jaycee Page

Me and one of my students, Halle Wittwer

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