Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cheerleading and snow

The cheerleading banquet was held on Monday and Emma was honored as one of the seniors.  She received a pin to go on her varsity letter and and a gift bag from the coach.  The cheer team has two seasons and not all of the same girls participate in both seasons.  Football cheer is in the fall and during that time Emma is doing color guard and doesn't cheer.  In the winter is basketball and wrestling cheer and Emma cheers during this season.  One of her fellow cheerleaders made a photo book for her with pictures from this season and last.  It was a great experience for Emma and she made some good friends.

Shiloh Winters, Ashton Kittleman (captain), Saige Winters, and Emma.  Saige made the books for Emma and Ashton.

The entire group of cheerleaders from football season and basketball season. 

Emma and Merecedes Groesbeck

Wyoming weather is always changing as people say up here.  In one day it can be sunny, raining, snowing, and freezing.  One day last year it went from 40 degrees above zero to 20 below in just a few hours.  So I shouldn't be surprised when I woke up to this:

Spring will decide to come when it comes I suppose.  Meanwhile the temperatures hang out around the mid 30s and soccer practice becomes very chilly for Emma and Andy. 

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