Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekend happenings

The weekend started with Andy's soccer game against Powell.  The JV beat them and won their first game this season!  Andy didn't let any goals in.  He hurt his thumb in practice a few days before the game, but still played.  I tried to take a picture, but the goal was far away from where I was sitting.

He's the far away dot by the goal!

Friday we had our first showing of our house.  We are sad to be leaving wonderful Wyoming!  Brian and I cleaned ALL DAY LONG!  The woman who looked at it said she liked it, but we will have to see if anything comes of her visit.  I took lots and lots of pictures of our exceedingly clean house and then posted it on KSL classifieds.

Our lovely house.  The lawn looks soooo green thanks to Brian!

 Emma, Andy, and Eric left Saturday morning to travel to their various activities.  Andy to Jackson to play soccer, Emma to Powell to participate in solo and ensemble festival and Eric to Thermopolis to run in the track meet. 

Emma played a flute trio and they received a superior rating!

Emrie and Emma

Some of the  band students who performed.

The flute trio: Emrie, Mary, and Emma.
Bus ride to Powell!

Eric ran the 800 and the 1600.  His coach likes him because he is one of the only kids who will volunteer to run the 1600, most of the kids hate it!  Brian went and watched him and tried to video him running but his phone died!

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