Thursday, June 30, 2016

Very belated wedding pictures

I know it has been over a year since Lauren got married, but I recently got some pictures that her sister-in-law took at the temple and I really like them and not wanting to inundate Facebook with them I thought I'd post them here.

My sister, Susan, and her husband Bryan

Everyone who came to the temple

Lauren's side of the family
Back row: Matthew Cromwell, Lee Fife, Scott Horne, Brady Edholm
4th row: Susan Morris, Trista Cromwell, Bridgette Fife, Brenda Horne, Palmer, Jenni Gunson, Johnny Gunson
3rd row: Bryan Morris, Julie, Brian, Audrey, Emma, Andrew, Connie Edholm
2nd row: Delores Jorgensen, Lauren & Matt Tanner
Front row: Lucy, Eric, Peter

I love the clouds, it was beautifully overcast on that day.

Delores Jorgensen (grandma), Lauren & Matt, Connie Edholm (grandma)


Photo bomb Palmer!

Audrey and Lauren

Petey and Lauren


Brian, Julie, Lauren, Matt, and Dayna (Matt's mom)

The happy couple

I love Lauren's dress!

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