Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week of unexpected happenings

Andy has been at the BYU football camp this last week and has really enjoyed it.  He said it was much more fun than last year, well until he got injured that is.  On Wednesday he separated his shoulder during a drill run.  The BYU trainers looked at it and made sure nothing was broken.  He has it in a sling for now.  He is coming home from Utah with our friends the Russell's since their daughter, Ellyse, was at the BYU swim camp at the same time.  We got a few pictures from the Russell's of Andy and it looks like he's having a great time with them!

25 feet up in a tree, apparently he climbed it one handed!

In the Russell's van with Chuck driving.  Yes he's eating something which equals happiness!

Meanwhile Brian and I decided he needed to go to Kansas City to look for job opportunities.  He had had some phone interviews for a job there and when that fell through he felt he should drive out there.  He has a friend he served with on his mission that lives there and my friend from college who lives in Topeka that he will be staying with.  So far he's liked what he's seen.

Can't go wrong with Kansas City BBQ!
Brian with his  mission buddy, Chris Rasmussen

I have to include the happy news from our good friends here, the Cottrell's.  Their daughter was expecting their first grand child right after Lauren's baby is due and they had a happy surprise when she came two and a half weeks early!  What glowing grandparents they are!

Carl, Candace and baby London Kae

I hope to add a similar picture of my own soon!

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