Saturday, January 21, 2017

Worland Warrior Basketball

The Warriors have now improved their record to 6 wins and 5 losses, but most importantly they are 2-0 in conference play.  Andy has seen some significant time on the Varsity team.  They beat Thermopolis handily the other night and the Coach had some nice things to say about Andy and Elijah, the other sophomore who plays Varsity:

"(Elijah Leyva) usually plays the last few minutes of the game because of his ability to handle the ball, he makes smart decisions within the offense and is still a good defender despite his size. We told him to deny their (Hudson) Roling all over the floor because once Schwalbe went out he was their biggest threat offensively," said WHS boys basketball coach Aaron Abel. "I thought Andrew Edholm was another kid that stepped up for us defensively. He got that five count where we was switching on to the screens and did a great job. He seems to get it that that kind of effort is needed to play this game. He can guard every position on the floor. I'm very proud of those two sophomores."

Last night they played in Rawlins and we didn't drive the 3 and a half hours to watch them, but listened to the game on the radio.  Andy was awesome and came away with 6 points and 5 rebounds and shut their 3 point shooter down.  He is the best 3 point shooter in the region and he didn't score once when Andy was guarding him.  They beat Rawlins by 3 points.  It sounded like an amazing game and both Brian and I wished we would have been there.

Today we were going to be in Thermopolis for a wrestling tournament for Eric, but he is sick today and so am I with the hacking coughs and running noses, and feeling nasty.  Hopefully he'll be well by next week so he can wrestle.

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