Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday adventures

Lucy, Peter, and I drove to Thermopolis right after school today to watch Eric wrestle.  Eric wrestled twice and got pinned in the second period both times but had some good moves. 

While we were there we were sitting next to a lady who brought her puppy who was just weeks old.  We got to hold him the whole time and loved him!

On the way home we were lucky enough to blow a tire on our car!  We pulled over and I gave a valiant attempt to change it.  Thankfully it was only 22 degrees and not below zero.  I spent a good 30 minutes giving it my best.  I found the jack, got the spare tire which was mounted under the car, out and got the jack placed in the right place.  All in the dark and as it was starting to snow.  I could not get the lug nuts off.  I was so frustrated because I wanted to do it myself!  Eventually the Sheriff stopped and kindly got the lug nuts off.  I wasn't going to call Brian, but he called midway through and gave me some hints and drove out to meet me.  It was all done by the time he came.  Lucy said it was so scary, she thought we were going to have to walk home and we would get lost and die!  She's a little dramatic!

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