Sunday, February 12, 2017

Service Sunday

FLOODING.  With all the snow we've had this winter and the warm weather the melted snow has nowhere to go and so the Big Horn River has over run it's banks. Three streets of houses next to the river have been evacuated and most of the homes have been flooded.  The National Guard was called on and so was the members of the church.  Here is the message from our stake president:
To all members of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wards,
We wish to announce a changed in church meetings for tomorrow Feb. 12.
Because of the recent flooding, and expected runoff, we would like to enlist all willing and able bodies to help our community.  We will have 2 sacrament meetings tomorrow in Worland:  7:30 sacrament meeting. This is for those who wish to take part in filling sandbags etc.  We will meet at the church for a short sacrament meeting/devotional. Please arrive in your work clothes, with good gloves, good footwear (it is wet and muddy), and your shovels.  We would ask the the Young Men from the 1st and 3rd Wards to arrive early to prepare and be ready to bless and pass the sacrament.  There will be no need to wear white shirt and ties for this. After the meeting, we will all report for the service project at the Washakie County Fairgrounds.
9:00 sacrament meeting:
This will be a combined meeting (all 3 wards) for all those with young children, and those that are unable to be a part of the service project.  Please do not feel bad if you are in this category.  The Lord would like you to still come to partake of the Sacrament and feel the spirit of the Sabbath Day. This meeting will be presided over by the 2nd Ward Bishopric. We would ask the the Young Men from the 2nd Ward arrive as they normally would to prepare and administer the sacrament. This will be the last meeting of the day. We would invite the 2nd Ward leadership and the Young Men to change change their clothes into "work" clothes and come join in the service project at the fair grounds after this meeting. We will also be rescheduling the Ward Conference for the Worland 1st Ward to a future date. Some will not have access to this e-mail, so please spread the word.
Thank you in advance for your willingness to hasten the work!
The Worland Stake Presidency

We are in the 2nd ward and Eric had to speak in sacrament meeting this morning so we went at 9:00.  Then we changed into work clothes and headed on over.  Lucy, Eric, and I worked hard for four hours filling sand bags.  It was impressive to see so many church members helping out.  Brian, Andy, and Peter missed out as they are in Utah for Andy's orthodontist appointment.  

Eric tying bags

A view of some of the help

Someone's great idea of using cones and a ladder to expedite the process. (Those two youth are in the 1st ward and worked from 8:00 till past 2:00 when I left.)

Use those muscles Eric!

Results of our efforts. Utah:
Brian caved and bought Peter and Andy ice cream in Farson on the way to Utah.

Sporting a new hair cut

Playing with Van!

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