Saturday, February 4, 2017

We're playing Basketball!!

Friday night #2 ranked Torrington against #4 ranked Worland Warriors. Andrew Edholm starts for the first time on the varsity team!  He plays a great defensive game with many blocks and rebounds and scored 9 points!  He got to give away a signed basketball as one of the starters and Peter was the lucky one.  Great night watching my son give it his all and they won 58-47.

Peter, (Lucy on my lap), me and Brian watching the game.  Andy is on the far left in the white, #40.

Us watching Andy shoot a technical free throw.  A kid on the other team elbowed him in the mouth. Peter is now on my lap.  My dear friend who was sitting behind me took these pictures!

And he makes it!

Pete and his autographed ball

It's mine!
The bench, the coach is in front of Andy kneeling.

Free throw man!

After the game.

The team including the freshmen in the black uniforms. Andy is on the back row third from the right.

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