Monday, December 15, 2014

It snowed!  And although it's pretty, it's also very slick.  Brian drove the kids to seminary this morning so they wouldn't have to slide around the roads.

Brian's work party on Saturday was really nice.  Not everyone came, but those that did had fun I hope.  We had food, played a game, and exchanged white elephant gifts.  Some of his employees were a little skeptical that they could go to a party and have a good time without alcohol, so I hope we proved them wrong!  (Although I'm pretty sure they headed to the bar after they left our house.)

We finally put our tree up and found out that trees look much smaller in their natural habitat than they do in your house!  It was much too tall and Brian had to cut a bunch off.  The tree isn't exactly well proportioned and it's branches aren't very sturdy.  So while we were decorating it it fell over on top of Peter!  It's a good thing it's not too heavy.  Peter thought it was hilarious.  I can only hang very light paper type ornaments on it.  We haven't got the second tree up yet because we don't have a tree stand for it and there isn't anywhere to buy one here.  Shopko was all sold out when we checked there and surprisingly Bloedorn doesn't carry them.  I'm sure Brian can figure some way to get it up.

Palmer got home from South Dakota late Saturday night.  He lost both his matches.  One was against the guy who came in 2nd at state last year.  He feels like the will be able to beat him the next time he goes against him.  It helps to know your competition.  Our school came in 15th out of about 40 schools there, so that's not too bad.

Since our house was all decked out for Christmas we decided to invite a family over last night for Brian's awesome cinnamon rolls.  It was a lot of fun!  Brian made a lot of rolls and after it was over Andy said he ate 8 of them!  Really Andy, I believe that's the definition of a pig!

Andy's basketball season ended on Saturday.  His team came in 3rd.  He coach was impressed with how much he has improved since the beginning of the season.  Andy has decided to try wrestling.  The middle school wrestling season doesn't start until January.  It will be nice to see Andy after school now that he doesn't have practice for awhile.

Bloedorn had Santa come to the store on Saturday and I had the kids go see him.

Eric is not too excited to be sitting on Santa's lap

Lucy loves Santa as you can tell by her blurry face

It took some coercing to get Peter on Santa's lap

He's warming up to Santa a little.  This time he asked Santa for a rope to go with the box.  

On the way home from Andy's basketball game in Greybull on Saturday Emma took a bunch of selfies with her and the kids.  Here is just one of the many:

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