Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reunion Sunday

Our Sacrament Meeting Christmas Program was very nice.  I was up on the stand the entire meeting which gave me a great view of my entire family sitting together on the bench!  Audrey and Lauren arrived safe and sound on Saturday afternoon.  Nothing compares to going to bed at night knowing all your children are safe under the same roof.

Audrey came with me to a girls night out party with some of the women in our ward last night.  We ate and did Just Dance!  It was pretty funny seeing us old women dancing, but Audrey was a good sport and even tried it as well!

We are looking for some new things to do this Christmas season since many of our old traditions we don't have access to up here.  We've found some light displays in Powell and Cody which is just a short hour and a half away that we may go to on Christmas Eve.

I'm looking forward to this week.  All my shopping is done and all I have to do is hang with the family.

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