Sunday, December 7, 2014

Picture overload!

We bought two tags from the Forest Service and drove for 45 minutes up in the mountains, hiked a ways and chopped down two Christmas trees!  It was awesome!

Palmer and Peter trying not to collapse two feet into the snow

Hiking up the snowmobile trails

Lucy Lou

Palmer and Andy spot a tree

Palmer and Andy on their way to chop down the tree

Palmer and Andy in the process of chopping

Brian hiking over to the perfect tree

Brian knee deep in snow

Lucy got a little tired of walking

Eric looks so excited to be out in the freezing cold!

My two sweet boys!

Dad with the perfect tree

Bringing the tree out of the forest

My man struggling with the tree

Almost to the truck

Sliding down the hill

Andy fell up to his waist in the snow

Ready to go home, all 8 of us crammed in the truck!
It was really a fun trip!  The trees are a little Charlie Brownish, but they are ours!

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