Friday, July 17, 2015

Girls Camp

Emma and I got back from girls camp yesterday.  I got to go because I am on the stake girls camp board.  I was in charge of certification at camp and I taught a class to all the ward leaders during camp while the stake young women presidency had all the girls.  Both things turned out better than I thought they would, especially the certification.  Our YCL's (5th and 6th year girls-Youth Camp Leaders) led all the certification and did a great job.

We camped in Shell canyon at a private ranch.  It's owned by the Cody Stake Young Men's President and he generously let us camp there free of charge.  It's beautiful and has a resident moose and her calf that wander around.  We had about 70 young women from the 7 wards attend.  The weather was really nice, not too hot.  Our last night it really rained and hailed, so the hike that was planned for Thursday morning had to be cancelled because the mud was just too thick.
Emma and Sariah Durrant

Me and my Emma and our camp shirts


The ranch

Our theme was Doctrine and Covenants 6:36, "Look unto the Lord in every thought with all your heart".  We combined that with the Wizard of Oz and Glinda the good witch's statement, "you've always had the power within you."  Our YCL's were the Dorothy's of camp and the leaders were the Glinda's.  The stake leaders had to do a skit and I was elected to be Toto!  

The stake leaders, I'm the dog in the blue sweatshirt.  

All the YCL's in their Dorothy aprons.  Emma is second from the right.

It was a successful camp and I'm glad I got to go and participate.

On another note, Palmer left the MTC on Tuesday, so we won't hear from him until Monday because the P-Days in the mission field are Monday and not Thursday like they were in the MTC.  

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