Friday, July 31, 2015

My Twelve Year old Boy Eric

Eric's birthday passed without any of us around since he was at scout camp on his birthday.  We are planning a friend party for him next weekend to celebrate #12.

Being 12 brings some perks.  The first thing that he has fully taken advantage of is riding shotgun in the car.  He yells it out first nearly every time we go anywhere!  (With the airbag, I'm kind of militant in having no one under 12 sitting in the front seat.)

If I can say one thing about Eric it is that he is a great brother.  I was looking through pictures of him and he is always with a sibling.  He plays with them and just likes being with them, especially his buddy Peter.

A few years ago at The Homestead in Midway.  He is ready to be on the Love Boat with his shuffleboard skills.

Sipping sodas at the BYU Creamery 2 years ago while dropping Lauren off at Heritage Halls

Outside the Richards Building at BYU before Lucy's dance recital

Home school field trip to the fire station

Field trips are always the best when there is cotton candy at the end.

Picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

Eating at Rumbi's Island Grill for a reward for summer reading

Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum, I love these faces so much!

Hot Springs in Thermopolis

Our first trip to Billings Montana-Emma, Eric and Abe

Happy Birthday Eric!  I love you!

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