Saturday, September 12, 2015

Football & Cross Country

Worland Sports Season is upon us!

Freshman football team played Torrington yesterday.  Andy was the quarterback and did a great job.  Worland lost, but Andy threw a pass for the only touchdown they got.

The varsity team also lost, but improved a lot in the second half.  Emma was there with her flag friends.

They are SOOO cute!

Eric had his first cross country meet in Sheridan.  Brian, Lucy, and I drove to see him run.  He did great for his first ever race.  The middle schoolers run a 3K and he had a time of about 14:50.  I was so proud of him!  Here are a few videos I took:

This is the start of the race, you can't see Eric, but he's in the pack somewhere!  There were a lot of schools represented.

Here he comes!  He looked really good!

Emma also took the ACT test today in Greybull.  We dropped her off and then went up over the mountain to Sheridan.  It was a beautiful drive, even though it took us a bit longer than if we would have left from Worland.  We watched Eric then got back in the car for our 2 hour ride back to Greybull to pick up Emma.  We almost ran over a band of wild turkeys on the way up the mountain and saw a deer right next to the road as well.  Great way to spend a Saturday!

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