Monday, September 7, 2015

Homestead -- Midway Utah -- Jorgensen Family Reunion

This Labor Day weekend was our annual Jorgensen family reunion at The Homestead in Midway Utah.  This is our 7th year there.  It's a pretty small as far as reunions go, 13 people this year.  It consists of my parent's immediate family -- My mom, my sister and her husband, Brian, me, Audrey, Lauren & Matt, Emma, Andy, Eric, Lucy, and Peter.  We had everyone there this year except Palmer.  It seems we have someone missing each year, Audrey hasn't been able to come for the last two years, so it was great to have her there this year.

Lucy was the most willing to get her picture taken!

This is on top of the crater

Playing pool, Brian, Andy, Lauren, and Matt

Andy in action with Peter, Eric, and Matt watching

Andy shooting, Lauren, Emma, Peter, Eric, and Matt

Lucy playing ping pong with me

Best part of vacation is just relaxing!

The weather was a beautiful and we had a really nice time.  We had a special evening honoring my mom and I even found out things I didn't know about her!

Our time there ended on Sunday afternoon.  We went to church in Midway and because it was Swiss Days there the church was incredibly crowded.  Standing room only -- Brian and Andy stood the whole time, Brian counted and estimated there were over 1000 people  in sacrament meeting.  The passing of the sacrament took almost the entire meeting.  It was very cool to see that many people attend church.

Our original plan was to leave from Midway on Sunday and drive up through Jackson, camp somewhere and then head back to Worland.  No one wanted to do that, so we had a picnic in Midway with Audrey and Lauren and Matt and then said goodbye to them and drove all the way back to Worland.  It was so good to see my family!

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