Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jackson/Tetons/Yellowstone weekend

The funeral service for my father-in-law went well on Thursday.  We left early that morning to go to Utah.  We wish we could have stayed a bit longer, but Andy had a football game in Jackson Hole to be at on Friday at 1:00.  So we left early Friday morning to drive up to Jackson.  We had never been there and the drive up through Star Valley was beautiful!  We saw the Star Valley temple under construction, which was really cool.  Western Wyoming is definitely the most beautiful country I have ever been to.

Andy's freshman football game.  They lost 34-0, but the view as we watched the game was amazing!

We stayed and watched the varsity play, they lost as well.  BYU also lost this weekend, so it wasn't a great football weekend!

We didn't want to drive back to Worland Friday night in the dark and hit a deer or other animal, so we decided to stay the night.  We drove up in the mountains a ways and stopped at a RV site.  We had two cars, since Brian had been down in Utah for a week, so we slept in the car and the van.  Apparently it's against the law in Teton county to sleep in a tent, and it's not because of the bears, because they let us sleep out in the open!  Didn't make a lot of sense to me.  Brian and I slept outside, Andy and Peter slept in the little car and Emma, Eric, and Lucy each slept on a bench in the van.  I lay awake until nearly 1:00am!  I was freezing and I kept hearing the Elk bugling to each other which was freaking me out, they sounded so close!  So I finally told Brian I was going to sleep in the van.  I kicked Eric out of the bench and he slept on the floor of the van and I took his bench.  Brian tried to sleep on the drivers side seat for awhile and then moved to the floor in the back of the van.  Needless to say it wasn't the best night's sleep!

Our sleeping quarters


Lucy's many funny faces

We pulled out and decided to drive home the long way through the Tetons and Yellowstone.  I immediately fell in love with the Tetons!  Wow, it's beautiful!  An added bonus was it was one of the "free" days for the national parks and we got into both parks with no charge!

Great picture of Brian and Lucy in Yellowstone

Beautiful falls

One of the craters, the wind was blowing really hard and the steam would engulf you as you walked passed.

Emma at the Old Faithful site with Peter photo bombing!
Peter and Old Faithful

All of us minus Brian who's taking the picture

It was incredibly windy in the park and as we watched Old Faithful go off the wind blew the stinky water straight onto us!  Emma was complaining that we smelled like Thermopolis!

We saw lots and lots of buffalo.  Toward the east entrance of the park as we were leaving there was a mama grizzly and her baby cub!  It was a lovely day!  We made it home in time to catch the last half of the General Women's Meeting.

It was a lot of driving in three days time, but all worth it!


  1. A. What's with you and grizzly bears. Stay away, Mother. Stay away.
    B. That picture of Lucy is the funniest thing ever. I keep coming back and laughing and laughing.

    1. Lucy learned her faces from the best teachers! And actually I didn't see the grizzly and her cub. Dad, Lucy, and Andy did, but the rest of us didn't. The ranger tried to point her out to me, but it's hard to see with all the dead fallen trees. She was pretty far away.

  2. C. The family picture is actually photogenic, so congrats.

    1. Thank you my dear! We better save it, who knows when it will happen again!