Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Tree hunting and Lucy sings

Lucy is part of the Worland Youth Choir that consists of 4th and 5th graders.  They practice twice a week after school and they had their first concert this week.  They sounded really good.

Lucy is on the front row second from left

Since Lauren and Matt were here we decided to get our Christmas tree today.  The snow wasn't nearly as deep as it was last year and it wasn't quite so cold, though our toes were freezing by the end!  We chopped two trees down, plus two tiny ones that Lucy and Peter chose to put in their room.  (And by tiny I mean TINY!)

In the van on the way up!

Matt, Peter, and Lauren in the pink coat

Lauren (pink coat),Lucy, Emma's back, and Brian

Lauren, Matt, Emma, and Lucy

Peter and his tree!

Lucy making her way back to the van

We had a great time and our trees are fresh and pretty!  (No, I didn't get a picture of the trees, I will post more later!)

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