Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween, a day late

We had a calm uneventful Halloween yesterday.  Our ward had a big trunk or treat with all three wards at the church on Friday night, which was great!  The weather was warmish and the kids were done quickly.  I took a picture of Eric and Peter.  Lucy was a vampire.

Green Arrow

Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus

Andy didn't dress up and Emma taped smarties to her pants and called them "smarty pants".  Last night we had a few people trick or treat our house, but we turned the lights off and it was pretty quiet.  Eric went to the haunted house with his friend Tanner and Lucy went with the neighbor kids and did some trick or treating.  That was it for us this Halloween!

This is a side note.  My sister gave us a giant jar of jelly bellies.  All the good kinds get picked out and eaten and we had some left over that no one would eat.  So Andy decided to make a work of art out of them:

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