Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lucy is 10!

Lucy turned 10 on the 12th.  Emma decorated her door while she was asleep so she could wake up to decorations in the morning.

Eric made the little sign on the door that says happy birthday

It seems a long time ago she was my little sweet baby girl.

Lauren took this picture of her when she was around 4 or 5


10 year old Lucy at the park.

Lucy is part of a small auditioned elementary choir that sang in Thermopolis this morning.  They sounded great!  Of the 18 members 6 are members of the church.  Standing right next to her is Joey Durrant.  We tease her about him being her boyfriend and she did have a little crush on him.  They are pretty good friends.

Lucy is 4th from the right.

The music teacher is standing to the right.  She did an amazing job with them this year.

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