Sunday, May 22, 2016

Worland High School Graduation 2016

My Emma graduated from high school today.  It's been a fun weekend full of graduation parties and good food and great people.  Here in Worland each graduate's family gives a party for their graduate and invites people to an open house type thing with lots of food.  It's hard to get to all of them, but Emma is trying really hard!  As a family we went to four parties yesterday and four today.  Emma's  party will be tomorrow night.  It's nice to see lots of people and chat and there is a great sense of community.

The weather cooperated and was just a little windy and not too hot.  Here are some pics:

Emma is walking onto the field, the second couple and she is on the outside.

Audrey and Emma--nice crossed eyes Em!

Six of the eight siblings!

The happy parents! (Really we are happy even if we look a little demonic!)

Second try, not much better!

This is an Emma face and I love it!

Emma and her friend Sariah Durrant

Emma and her friend Emrie Jolley

Windy Wyoming

Emma is wearing gold cords which represent national honor society

Entire class of 87 graduates

Here is Emma as she is receiving her diploma:

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