Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baptism time

My youngest child got baptized today!  We did it in Utah because we were here for a family reunion.  Peter got baptized in the same font that I was baptized in and to make it even better he was baptized exactly 41 years to the day after I was! All of us participated in the program.  Audrey played the piano, I led the music, Eric gave the opening prayer, Andrew gave the closing prayer, Matt (Lauren's husband) gave a talk on baptism, Brian gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, Susie (my sister) and Emma played a flute musical number and I accompanied them and Lucy passed out the programs.  Here are some pics:

All who attended the baptism
In the above picture there are starting from the front row from left to right: Peter, Max Horne (cousin), and Lucy.  Second row: Delores Jorgensen (my mom), Audrey, Eric, me, Emma, Connie (Brian's mom), Lauren, and Matt Tanner (my son-in-law).  Back row: Lynette McCoy (my cousin), Bryan Morris (my brother-in-law), my sister Susan Morris, Andrew (standing on his tip toes so he looks taller than Brian), Brian, Mike Horne (cousin), and Emily Horne (cousin).

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