Monday, June 15, 2015

Boysen Reservoir

We had a great time today with our friends the Russell's at Boysen Reservoir.  It's about an hour south of us.  The Russell's have a jet ski and they pull a tube behind it.  Everyone took a turn, even Peter, and had a grand time.  The mosquitoes were VERY thick and poor Emma has many welts on her back to prove it!  We ate hamburgers and messed around until the mosquitoes drove us away.  We came back and headed over the the Russell's for Smores in their fire pit and then stayed and talked for a long time.  It was a wonderful evening!

Lucy and Peter on the tube with Chuck Russell on the Jet Ski and his wife Kami watching

There Pete and Lou go!

Ellyse and Andy took a turn and Chuck tried to knock them off by turning really sharp, they were troopers and held on!

Here Andy is almost falling off!  

Andy and Ellyse 

I believe this is Emma and Saydria, Chuck was nicer to them and didn't try to make them fall off!

Lucy happy and waiting for her hamburger

Em and Lou!

I got a few videos of them as well.

Here is Lucy and Peter

This is Emma and Saydria Russell

Here is Andy and Ellyse Russell

Eric rode with Lucy, but I didn't realize I didn't get any pictures of them!  Brian took a turn driving the Jet Ski and I took a turn as a passenger.  We turned down the opportunity to ride on the tube!  The water was cold and the wind was blowing!  It was a great afternoon and evening!

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