Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend fun

Andy has been in Utah since Wednesday.  He left with our neighbors who were going to Bountiful.  He then caught the front runner train down to Orem where Audrey picked him up.  He will be going to the BYU football camp on Monday.  He has been having fun hanging out with his friends, cousins, sisters, and grandma.

Since we only have 4 children right now we wanted to do something fun last night.  We thought about camping but settled on breaking in our new fire pit.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and then set up the tent in the backyard.  The kids watched a movie in the tent and then Peter, Lucy and Eric slept out there.  Emma came in to sleep in a bed and so did Brian and I.  Around midnight the thunderstorm hit and here came the kids inside!  It was a good thing our camping consisted of our backyard!  The rain here has been non-stop!

We tackled all the bedrooms yesterday.  We moved Eric downstairs  into Andy and Palmer's room, moved Lucy upstairs to share with Peter and helped Emma clean out her room that she now has to herself.  It took all day, but the results look really good!  Peter isn't too happy about sharing with Lucy, but hopefully it will work out well!

Emma taught her first dance classes today and she did really well!  She had 6 students today and will have 4 more next week since people are on vacation.  She has 3 classes that are an hour each.  Lucy stays and helps in all the classes as her assistant.  The 3-4 year old class was the hardest because their attention span is challenging.  The 7-9 class went really well and I was impressed with how well Emma interacts with the kids.  She will make $300 doing this for the next 6 weeks and has to give 20% to the woman who owns the building, which is the original Catholic Church and is 100  years old.  The floors are beautiful wood and the stained glass windows really give the space an awesome feel.  It's perfect for dancing!  They also teach yoga there, which I've been to as well.

Brian didn't have to work today and the lawn is mowed and laundry is done and house is clean and it's only 3:00!  Looks like it's time to do something fun!

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