Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sports and injuries

Peter has been doing very well on his T-ball team.  The first few games were rained out and during one there was a tornado watch.  I happened to video him during that wind storm and you can see and hear the wind!

They called the game shortly after this.

Here is a video from yesterdays game:

Last night there was a three ward mutual activity at the stake president's house in preparation for trek.  They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and watched 17 Miracles outside on a screen.  They also played basketball.  Andy was going in for a lay up and smashed his foot into a pole.  His foot felt a little weird inside his shoe, so he took off his shoe and his ring finger toe was pointing the wrong direction!  Fortunately we had the physical therapist there at the activity and he popped the dislocated toe back into place!  Andy has been using his "injury" to try and get out of all his jobs today!

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