Monday, June 1, 2015

Setting apart

Today marks the last full day with Palmer for 2 years.  We worked hard and got him completely packed and his room cleared out!  Brian and I took him to lunch at Goodies.  We saw a couple of girls from the other ward there and they came to say goodbye to him.  He also had some friends from high school stop by to wish him well.

The stake president came by tonight to set him apart as a missionary in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission.  The Bishop came as well with three of the priests from our ward.  The stake president met with Palmer first alone upstairs.  Then he had us start with a prayer and then set him apart with the Bishop and Brian assisting.  It was a beautiful blessing.  I would like to share a part that I remember well without compromising the specialness of that blessing: the stake president said that Palmer will meet friends from the pre-earth life there who will listen to his message.

After the setting apart the stake president said that since Palmer has never given anyone a blessing he would like to give his first blessing to his mother!  I was blessed to have Palmer place his hands on my head and give me a sweet simple blessing.  Our stake president is truly a special sweet man who really wants the best for those members of the stake.  It was a wonderful evening.  Our ward members are very kind and the best of people.  It was thoughtful of the bishop to bring a few of the priests over to support Palmer tonight and to be such an influence in his life.

We are all set for tomorrow.  I know the separation will be hard at first, like ripping a bandage off really fast, but Palmer blessed me in his blessing that the time will go fast for me and I will be comforted and be able to share his experiences and my experiences with people in our ward and as a missionary to the people here in Worland.  I will trust in that blessing from my wonderful son.

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