Thursday, March 3, 2016

Basketball basketball basketball

Andy's freshman basketball season ended on Saturday.  His team only had 4 losses for the season, but got seeded in the tournament really badly with a play off game just to get into the tournament.  Other teams they had beat did not have to do that and since we had the home court advantage we were pretty upset.  We played Pinedale and lost to them in overtime by 2 points.  Dang.  That meant we couldn't place at all in the tournament.  They gave us 2 more games to play but they didn't mean anything.  We played Powell and beat them by 30 points!  And we played Glenrock who we also beat.  A little disappointing to a pretty great season.  Andy did play nearly the entire game against Pinedale and it was because of his basket that it went into overtime in the first place. 

Emma is off to the regional basketball tournament in Glenrock today.  Glenrock is a VERY tiny town about 20 minutes passed Casper.  It takes a little over 3 hours to get there from Worland.  She will be there from today until late Saturday assuming our teams go to the finals, which they should.  Our girls only have one loss and our boys made it to state last year. 

The varsity cheerleaders off to Glenrock this morning.  Emma is third from the right.

Next week basketball continues as the state tournament is in Casper from Thursday through Saturday.  Plus the state cheerleading tournament is the Wednesday before state basketball so Emma will be gone again for most of the week.  I miss seeing my Emma!

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