Friday, March 25, 2016

Washington DC and soccer

Emma has been having a wonderful time with her US history class in Washington DC this week.  She really wanted to go on this trip and earned nearly all of the money herself.  She gets back on Sunday and I've really missed her!  She'll get to see Brady on Sunday and go to church with him as well.  Here are some pictures that her friends have been taking, she doesn't take a lot!

Emma and Emrie on the subway.  They have been together all week--the two Em's!

Pretty sad when you have to travel thousands of miles to get Krispy Kreme!

The cherry blossoms are out and she says they are beautiful.

This was the thing she wanted to see the most as you can tell by her face!

WWII memorial, of course she found her home!

Meanwhile back in old Worland Andy started soccer.  He's never played before, but the coach convinced him to try it instead of track.  They needed a goalie since the varsity goalie is graduating this year.  His first game was yesterday and the JV boys lost 4-1.  He said he did horribly, but the coaches are happy with him and he did pretty well for his first game.  I'm sure he'll improve as the season continues.

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