Wednesday, March 9, 2016

State Cheer

Brian, Andrew, and I drove to Casper today to watch Emma compete in the state cheerleading event.  Their team did really well, especially since many of the other teams had twice and three times the number of cheerleaders.  I took some pictures, but my camera is not the best!

Waiting to start.  You can't see Emma, she's on the far left behind the front girl.

Emma is second from the left.

Emma is on the left

Walking off after the competition. 

Most of the girls, there are four missing from this picture.  Emma's on the far right. 

The drive to Casper is not my favorite.  It's long and really boring.  Long stretches with not even a town to break it up and it's pretty barren.  But on the way home the skies were killer.  I snapped a few shots.

Andrew, Brian, and I came home, but Emma stays in Casper until Saturday to cheer for both our boys and girls teams in the state basketball tournament. 

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