Sunday, March 6, 2016

Peter the wrestler

Yesterday was the beginning of the USA wrestling program for Peter.  He is a member of the Ten Sleep/Hyattville Scrappers.  It's a group of mostly younger boys from age 4-10 with a few older ones as well.  They practice in Ten Sleep twice a week and their coach is really good.  He's an old grizzled rancher whose kids are all grown, but he loves the sport and works so well with the boys.  If you can imagine wrestling practice with 15 or so little boys all running around tackling each other-it's like a cub scout pack meeting gone awry!  But it doesn't ruffle him at all and he spends time with each boy and really encourages them.

Peter's first meet was in Lovell.  He wrestled three times and lost 2 and won 1.  He gets pretty upset when he loses and there are tears involved, but he really likes it.  His first match he got pinned with a headlock and he did not like that at all!  He told me that when we got home he was going to look up on YouTube ways to get out of a headlock so it wouldn't happen to him again!  His determination reminds me of Palmer's when he would wrestle.

Here are some pictures of the meet:

This is the gym at the beginning of the meet, they had 8 matches going on at the same time.

Here is Peter with his back toward the camera.  His coach is in the red shirt with the baseball cap.

Pete hates his picture taken so he wasn't amused that I took this while we waiting for him to wrestle.  Wrestling meets involve A LOT of waiting!

His first match where the kid pinned him with a head lock.  This kid placed first in the competition.

Here is another picture of the same match as it's getting started.

This is before his second match as he waits for his turn.

This is his third match.  He almost won-lost by only two points.  His coach is in the background with the red shirt.

The third match again.

Third match

Peter really improved between the first and third match.  We're pretty proud of him for trying his best.  We spent nearly the entire day in Lovell-left at 6:30am and got back around 3:00pm.  It was just Brian, Eric, Lucy, Peter and me since Andrew was snowmobiling at a friends cabin and Emma was at region basketball in Glenrock. 

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