Monday, July 10, 2017

Utah week

We spent a week in Utah which included the 4th of July.  My sister and I went through a lot of stuff at my mom's house to get it ready to sell.  My mom collected some amazing things and we had a good time reminiscing.

This is from the dedication of the grave from my Mom's funeral.  My brother-in-law, Bryan, took it.
Emma got her mission call before we left -- Scotland/Ireland Mission!  She leaves for the England MTC on November 29th.
Balloon fest on July 3rd, an Edholm tradition!

Wyoming followed us to Utah - a balloon from Riverton!

This is us riding down to Utah in an non air-conditioned van!

Van (in the middle) got to meet two of his second cousins, Courtney's son Jaden on the left and Becca's daughter Carolina on the right.  They are all a month or so apart in age.

Brian got to catch up with two of his roommates from BYU days.  Jim Campbell on the left and Gary Gibb on the right.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gebo, ghost town of coal mining days

Gebo is ghost town about 30 miles from Worland.  In it's hey day in the 1920s it boasted 20,000 people, 4 times as many as Worland has today.  There is a lot to see out there including a sad baby cemetery as many babies died with the flu epidemic.  We wandered around and drove on some very rough dirt roads and it was really kind of cool!

Lucy in the doorway of what used to probably be a store

Brian, Emma, and Andy emerging from a hole that was a root cellar.  Glad he didn't encounter any snakes while he was down there!

Looking for abandoned artifiacts

This was their view, pretty spectacular.  It was so quiet and calm out there.  We saw a lizard, a jack rabbit and a lone antelope.

Palmer leaning against one of the many walls of the town.

Contemplating what life used to be like there (I think that's what he's doing!)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Palmer coming home video

This is a while in coming, but here is the video of Palmer coming off the plane along with some pics.

Coming off the plane in Cody

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Welcome Homes and Goodbyes

The few weeks have been full of emotion for my family.  Audrey flew into Cody on the 23rd. We welcomed Palmer back home from his mission on my birthday, Lauren and Matt and cute Van arrived on Saturday the 27th. We were all together for the first time in two years. Palmer spoke in church on Peter's birthday.  Emma submitted her mission papers and we are waiting for her call.  Our family left for Utah right after Palmer came home.  All the boys left on Monday the 29th of May to work on a roof with Brian.  I left with the girls on Friday, June 2. We had a family reunion in Park City with all of our family and my sister and her husband.  Saturday night Susie and I got a call from the Hospice nurse and my mom was fading fast.  We didn't have time to get down to Provo, she passed away 20 minutes later around 11:00 pm June 3, 2017.  We were blessed to be all together when it happened and thankful that she passed away before Susie's birthday on June 4th.  It seems my mother continued to try and make things easy for her children even at the very last.  The funeral was beautiful and I was personally humbled by the sweet expressions of love and care we felt all week long.  I know I will see her again and I know she loves me and she raised me in the very best way she knew.  I love you Mom!

The roofing boys with cousin Mike on the far right

Palmer, this was the cleanest he looked all week.


Peter helped on the last day, but spent the rest of the week with his cousins
At the viewing on Thursday night, the display table Susie and I set up.

Flowers at the viewing

I took snapshots of my kids at the viewing:







During the week we spent a lot of time with our family.  I wanted to take more pics, but just got these few at the water fountain by the University Mall.

Andrew and Peter

Lucy, Lauren, and Eric

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elder Edholm is home!

This is the last post about Palmer and his life as a missionary.  His journey home took a bit longer than we anticipated, but he's here now and we are so very happy!

His plane was supposed to get to Cody on the 24th at 11:20pm.  We packed everyone into the car and told the littler ones to try and sleep.  We were 20 minutes from Cody (it takes about an hour and a half to get there) when Brian got a text saying that the plane had not landed in Salt Lake and he had missed his connection to Cody.  There had been a storm in Salt Lake and the plane was diverted to Provo where it sat for a long time waiting to be refueled. By the time it flew into Salt Lake he had missed his connection to Cody.  We were able to call back the number he texted us on, which belonged to a very nice guy he was sitting next to on the plane.  Palmer called the emergency church travel line and we talked to them as well.  Initially Delta said that all their flights to Cody were booked for 2 days and they couldn't get him here sooner than that.  Delta only flies into Cody twice a day.  The church has a bit more pull and pretty soon he was booked to fly out of Salt Lake on the 25th at 7:00am.  He was flying on United and the flight went to Denver and then on to Cody.  Meanwhile his luggage went onto Cody on the Delta flight.  By the time we got all the info it was after midnight.  So we turned the car around and drove all the way back to Worland. The other missionary Palmer was traveling with was from Murray, which is a suburb of Salt Lake.  His parents took Palmer home and fed him and let him sleep for a few short hours before driving him back to the airport.  He didn't have much without his luggage, but made the best of it.  He finally got into Cody at 12:45pm on the 25th and his luggage made it as well.  We were so glad to see him and he said he has had enough plane flights to last a life time. 

Waiting in the airport

Why are you taking my picture mom?

He's almost here!
At last!
Almost home, just a short 1 1/2 hour drive away!