Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lucy's musical debut

Lucy has been rehearsing for the middle school musical and their performance of  "Don't Say No to the USO" was this last weekend. It takes place in 1942 and focuses on spies during WWII and the people who volunteered in the USO. The kids did a great job and Lucy loved it!  I got to help with the 1940s hair do for the performances which was hard, but now I can do those uprolls!

After the performance

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sister Edholm -- week 11


Hello Hello!

The sun actually came out! This week the weather has definitely changed, really wet and sleeting outside today.
This week was a pretty regular week of finding and teaching. We taught our friend Lauren 2 times this week and we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and the next day she had read 15 chapters!! She was said,"I wasn't able to get that far..." I was amazed!! We said,"Oh no, you did! 15 chapters is incredible!" She is doing really well, we just need to keep the momentum going!

We had a Burns Supper on Friday and we helped get it ready, some pictures are below! 

Sorry this is so short, have a great week love you all!!

Sister Edholm


Monday, February 5, 2018

Sister Edholm -- week 10

Monday, January 29, 2018

Sister Edholm - week 9


This week literally came out of nowhere! We haven't been getting that much success lately and really only been able to teach each other in role plays, but this week changed that we set up so many qualified appointments, more than we have seen we got here! 

One of those appointments we taught on Saturday night, his name is James, we told him to meet us by this motor company because he wasn't quite sure where our church was, so we were going to meet him there and then walk up to the church with him, so we were waiting by the motor company and we see this guy waving and it was him! He gets to us and says, I found your church and I was waiting there, but decided to come down and get you guys, he had gone there an hour early, he was so excited for our lesson. He wants to change his life around, because of some things he had done in the past and he ate up everything we were saying and he accepted a baptismal date! We gave him the baptismal calendar and he started to cry! Isn't that amazing!! What a miracle!

We called James the next morning to see if he was coming to church and he said he couldn't make it because he had an inspection of his flat, but that he was shattered! He had been up all night reading the Book of Mormon and said it is such a great book!

I am so incredibly grateful for the miracles we are getting!!

On monday we were bored after we got all our shopping done in the p-day and we hung out with a ward missionary Fiona, pictures below! She took us to Gourock, in my opinion the prettiest part of our area.

Hope you all have fantastic weeks!
Sister Edholm

Stock photo of her area, it's beautiful!

Lunch with the senior missionary couple

Pday in Gourock

Sister Truman and Sister Edholm

Great quote!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Sister Edholm - week 8


Hello wonderful people who read my emails!

This week has been great! We got a new investigator which is awesome! She is our Branch Mission Leader's girlfriend, she didn't accept baptism, because she wants to make sure that this is her decision and that she isn't just doing this because her boyfriend and his family are members. Which fair enough, that is a good reason not to accept. It is personal conversion and we all go at different paces.

We had a pretty funny experience this week. Last week I told you guys about Gordon our super golden potential, well we taught him this week and it went really well, it was like those perfect role plays that you do, he answered the way that we practiced he would answer and he was really opened minded about the whole things, just a really normal cool guy. Anyway later that day and the next day, we found out that he was in love with my companion Sister Truman. Our joint teach had told him that missionaries move around a lot and that Sister Truman is going home in March, he was really sad about that. We asked him if he was still interested in hearing more of our message and he said, yes he is really open minded, but really the only reason he would want to would be to be in her company... lol obviously he wasn't as golden as we thought.

Our week was pretty snowy though, yesterday we had a blizzard and they shortened church because of it, so that people could get home safely. We went to a members house for lunch and they drove us there after church, they live in Kilmacolm, which takes a little while to get to anyway, but with the snow it took even longer because tons of people were stuck up hills, so we had to go a roundabout way, but we eventually got there. They are really nice, there son is a return missionary and he served with my companion's brother in France, pretty cool, small world.

Love you all!!
Have a Spirit led week!
Sister Edholm
*Additional info Emma shared with me:
It is cold, it is definitely a different kind of cold, in Fahrenheit it is probably only like 20 22 degrees, but it feels worse than -40 sometimes, it just seeps into your skin, especially when you're out walking in it for 5 hours+. But that's okay winter is winter. 
I love being on a mission, it is definitely the greatest thing I have ever done and I have learned so much about myself and from the scriptures! 
Sister Kearns at the Scotland South Conference

Sister Kearns was with Emma in the MTC
Top of a hill in Gourock. Emma says Gourock is even prettier than Greenock

The Wind!


In front of their flat

Scotland snow

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sister Edholm - week 7



I feel like my emails have been pretty lacking lately because 1: I'm the worst at coming up with things to say and 2: Every week is pretty much the same lol.

BUT this week was different and I am also making up for my lack of pictures lately with pictures AND a video so..

This week we literally had a miracle qualified appointment, we were chapping and we usually go back and get a bus at around 11:45 so that we can be back at our flat and eat lunch at 12, but today we just really felt like we should go until 12 and then hop on a bus, so we did. We had knocked this one door and we were a few houses down, when this guy comes out and says, "Did you knock on my door?" and we say yes and say our little shbeel and we walk over to his house and talk more to him and he is really interested and gives us his number and we call it, so that he has ours (and so that we can make sure it isn't a fake number) but he doesn't have his phone on him. Anyway we get on the bus and Sister Truman says that she thinks that his number was fake because it wouldn't connect, but we check and it is a real number! When we get home he texts us and is super excited about our appointment with him and asks us for a website to look up more information on (even though we did give him a card so he technically already had it, but that's okay). Anyway it was a miracle and I think that this appointment will actually go through for once!! So excited!! Oh also you know that he is super potential because guess what his name is?...GORDON!

Okay now for the funny story. 
We were waiting for the bus a couple nights ago and this drunk guy comes up and is talking to us and he asks us who we are and we say that we are missionaries and he says, "Oh MORMONS!" and we are like yep. The bus comes and we all get on and then when it starts going he yells, "THERE'S MORMONS ON THE BUS!!" and then he swears and then says, "You can't swear in front of a Mormon it's bad luck!" It was hilarious lol.
Also it was the worst wind/rain storm last night and we were drenched and looked hilarious, but Sister Truman won't let me send the pictures, so just imagine how bad it was lol

Okay so this video is the song that I made up for Sister Truman while we were waiting at the bus stop, but we changed it a little so that it was about all missionary work. It is the result of what happens when no one wants to listen to us and we are forced to talk to each other, lol jk, but sometimes it does feel like we are going crazy. 

Sit back relax, maybe get some popcorn and ENJOY!

Have a great week everybody!!
Sister Edholm
*Her video was too big to attach in the email so she will try to upload it in a different way next week and not all her pictures came through either.*
Sister Truman and Sister Edholm in Gourock

With a branch member, Sister Rooney

Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Warrior basketball player--Andy

Basketball season at Worland High School is well on it's way!  The team is improving with each game and currently their record is 2-3 with no conference games yet. Andy,number 12, is a starter on the varsity team and looking more mature as a player all the time. Here are some photos that were taken by a professional photographer that comes to the games. Andy doesn't like all the pictures, but I think it captures his intensity and drive as he plays.

The players and coaches