Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 1 in Pennsylvania

Brian and I are in Pennsylvania so I can walk through graduation at Clarion University of Pennsylvania on Saturday and receive my Masters of Library and Information Science.  We drove from Worland to Denver yesterday and stayed overnight so we could fly out of Denver this morning. I was so excited to touch down in Pittsburgh!  I've never been this far east and I'm loving the beautiful country!  We are staying at the Clarion Bed & Breakfast which is a 125 year old home and it's incredibly beautiful!  The owners have welcomed us and have made us feel comfortable in every way.  Here are a few pictures which do not do this house justice.

Beautiful stained glass in the sealing.

Antique decor throughout the home

Our room, the "blue room"

Stair case, all the woodworking is amazing

This tree is phenomenal!  It took Bill and his wife Judy 7 days to decorate it!

Dining room, I love window seats!

Tribute to my mother, she would have loved these-beautiful blooming Christmas cacti

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sister Edholm - week 2

Emma sent pictures this week! 

Sister Kearns and Emma wearing their Southern Utah University and Dixie State sweatshirts

Pday eating fish and chips

Preston temple with companion Sister Bair

Emma's roommates on a church history tour

Companion, Sister Bair

Sister Perkins, first person she met

Sister Freeman, Sister Kearns, Sister Bair
Abinadi district in front of the Preston Temple

Sister Bair in front, Elder Ablitsov from Ukraine, Elder Skelton, Elder Rowland, Sister Terry

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sister Edholm - Week 1

Hello Everyone!

I absolutely love it here at the MTC! The food portions here are so so so big and I am never hungry. 

When we first got here, we didn't do much, my suitcase was lost for a little bit because they had put it in the wrong room, but I eventually found it. I took a nap for an hour or so and then we had devotional with the area 70 for our area and his wife. Their names are Elder and Sister Ternicliff, Sister Ternicliff talked about how we should be the missionaries that our mothers think we are. Elder Ternicliff talked about the metaphor of walking and that as missionaries we need to walk confident and collected. 

Our first official day at the MTC we met our teacher. My companion is Sister Bair and she is from Seattle, but her family moved to Oregon while she was at college, she went to BYUI. My district is the Abinadi district and we have 6 sisters and 2 elders. Sister Taylor (Bournemouth, England), Sister Perkins (Mountain Green, Utah), Sister Kearns (Denver, Colorado), Sister  Freeman (Port Talbot in South Wales), Sister Bair (Umatilla, Oregon), Elder Skelton (Lake Havasue, Arizona), Elder Rowlan (Morgan, Utah). Brother Wilford is my teacher and he is probably my favorite teacher ever. He is from South Africa, but his family lives in Scotland now in a town called Alloa. He is the lead teacher and so he usually doesn't teach a normal class, he usually only teaches the group ones where all the districts get together, but since a lot of the teachers are gone because it is close to Christmas he teaches us. Our other teacher is Sister Harkness, but she was sick last week, so we had a sub and his name is Brother Robertson. He is also a great teacher, he really know how to invite the spirit, he talks really quiet, but everything he says is really profound. 

We finished teaching our first investigators yesterday, we taught them 4 times, Sister Bair and I and the Elders in our district only go to teach ours for 3 and then we had a different one for our last lesson. Our teachers were our "investigators," but that doesn't mean it wasn't a real conversion story, it seems like they all have split personalities. I had Brother Robertson as my "investigator" he was playing a guy named Eron. We taught him and then the last time, we weren't going to ask him to be baptized because we didn't think he was going to be ready, because he hadn't kept our last commitment, but while I was reading the Plan of Salvation pamphlet I wasn't even reading about baptism at all, but I heard this voice in my head say "Ask him to be baptized." I immediately looked up and told my companion that we needed to ask him to be baptized. When we went into our lesson, he was so happy, he said he had done the commitments we had set, so we asked him to be baptized and he said yes!! I know it was only a practice, but it felt so real. I was really surprised at the love I felt for him, even just the first lesson! I didn't really feel like a missionary yet until I taught that first lesson, I felt like we were only at a camp, but after that lesson, I was so excited to get into the field and actually do it to a real investigator!!

Yesterday we got to go out to Manchester and proselyte in Piccadily Square, we didn't get any referrals, but other companionships did get some, but that's okay, we still had a really great experience and I just loved talking to all the different people. We were talking to this one lady and a guy walked up and was smoking weed and was yelling at us and getting in our faces and saying that we were Jehovah Witnesses, but we kept saying no and that we were LDS missionaries, but we didn't want to fight with him because he was clearly not in the right mind, and then he grabbed my arm and said "come with me," but I just said "no, I can't I have to stay with her" and I pointed to my companion. Obviously we were being watched out for because the missionaries from that area came and we started talking to them instead and that guy ended up leaving. I reeked like weed the rest of the day.

Today we are also going to the temple and one of the sisters is going through for the first time, because she lives in Zimbabwe and the closest temple is 14 hours away from her house, I am so excited for her!!

p.s. I'm sorry if this was mumbled I was in a hurry.
Love you guys!!
Sister Edholm

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wedding bells are ringing!

On Saturday, November 25th John Potter asked Audrey Edholm to marry him and she said yes!

Thanksgiving in Arizona

We made the 18 hour trip to Arizona to see Barry and Rebecca and their kids.  We had a great time as you can see by the pictures.

Park across the main street from Barry and Rebecca's house.  It was beautiful.

Eric, David, Peter, and Henry on the swing

Pete on the climbing ropes

Lucy and Heidi

Upside down Pete

At the park there is a large pond and the cousins were trying to skip rocks.  A boy was watching us and Lucy could not get her rocks to skip.  He came up and helped her and showed her how to hold the rock and what kind of rock to pick.  It was really sweet.  She finally got the rock to skip and she thanked him for helping her.  I had to sneak a few shots of the whole thing in action!


Before our big meal we hiked to the A at Arizona State University. It was hot and steep, but a good pre meal activity

Afterwards we went downtown and saw the large Christmas tree set up and played around it a bit.

Eric being himself!

And Lucy being herself

Nice face Eric!

Some shenanigan videos, the first is in front of the above Christmas tree.  The second is in the car on the long trip down to Arizona.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Football season is over for the Worland Warriors. They made it to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years!  They lost the first game of the playoffs, but it was a good season.  The Football banquet was tonight and Andrew received a few awards.  He got his varsity letter and MVP offensive player as well as the Junior special teams award for his punting.  He had a great season!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Eric, the wrestler

Eric has been doing really well this year in wrestling. His first meet in Lovell he came in first place in the B bracket. They moved him up to the A bracket and the meet in Thermop didn't go as well. But, he rallied and today at the meet in Greybull he wrestled in the A bracket and came in second. He pinned his first guy and looked really good. Way to go Eric!
Click below to watch his third period pin. I stopped the video a second too soon as the ref slapped the mat for a pin.
Eric's wrestling pin