Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of the first 24 hours in Worland Wyoming:

Drove into Worland around 7:00 last night, checked into the hotel and got settled for the night.  Boys in one room, Lucy and Mom and Dad in the other.  The drive up was VERY rainy!  Some of the time it was a little disconcerting because it was raining so hard it was a little hard to see.  It got a little interesting when we drove into a cloud!  I had Eric and Andy in the car with me and Palmer, Lucy, and Peter were in the truck with Brian.  We stopped at Little America for ice cream cones and gasoline and then again at a McDonald's in Lander to use the bathroom.  The kids were amazingly good and it really didn't seem like a 7 hour drive. 

This morning Brian left at 6:30 for the store.  We ate breakfast at the hotel around 8:00 and then Lucy and I went exploring while all the boys were glued to the tv.  We talked to the hotel manager for a long time and he gave us some great directions along with a map of the city.  I'm learning that the mountains are east, the river west.  We went to Brian's store and Lucy was a hit.  In just a short few minutes she became best friends with Tara and was helping her stock shelves.  We went to the bank and deposited some checks and I met the bank manager who is the bishop of one of the wards here.  We drove by some houses, none looked great.  Then Lucy and I went to the high school to get all the paper work and talked with the two secretaries.  They said they knew of something for rent and took my number so they could call me with the info.

We went back to the hotel and took all the kids to Subway for lunch.  Then Lucy and I went for a walk, she wanted to get her hair cut and the hotel manager had said there was a place just up from the hotel.  It turned out the hair place was out of business, but next to it was a pet store.  We went there and Lucy got to see the birds, a guinea pig, a hamster and got to play with and hold a ferret!  Pretty fun for her.  We went back home and I searched for more houses online.  The secretaries from the school called and the house is no longer for rent.  I drove back to Brian's store and we drove around a little more to look at some options and went to another bank whose president is also a member of the church and talked about a mortgage.

We had leftovers from the Homestead for dinner and watched Andy Griffith.  Then Brian took Eric to 11 year old scouts meeting and went on the hike with them.  We have an appointment at 8:30 to look at a house and at 8:45 tonight.  Hopefully they will be good options.  The kids are excited to watch America's Got Talent tonight while we are out looking at housing.

It's been an eventful and productive day.  Everyone has been incredibly nice and helpful and friendly.  I also met Brian's boss as he is here to help look for houses too.  He is very nice as well.

It's nice to be together finally!  I miss my Emma Lou and my Lauri.  Talked with Audrey a bit today, it was her last day at her internship.  She's very happy about that fact.

Love and kisses,


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