Thursday, July 31, 2014

48 hours and counting

I really liked the house we saw last night.  It's very different, but in a good way.  The only down side for me is that it doesn't have room in the backyard for the kids to play.  Brian has been talking with the owner, but these things don't seem to go very fast.

We saw another house that is for rent this morning.  We could move in immediately if we wanted.  It's clean, but very old and VERY small.  It does have 4 bedrooms, but is smaller than our old house.  The basement is small and cramped and did I mention old?  The basement reminds me of Grandma McCoy's basement except older.

On a good note, we are out of the hotel.  The person who owns the house for rent is a member of the church.  She is related to the Hair's in Orem that I went to high school with.  She is letting us stay in her home while her family goes on a vacation for a week.  Her house is very large and has a large lot with a playground and trampoline.  If we can't find anything by the time she comes back we can always rent her house until we find something else.  It's not preferable,but it's a solution.  She would let us rent month to month so that when we found something better we could take it.  It's right next to one of the elementary schools and within walking distance to the high school and middle schools.

Here is a picture of Brian's store:

It's really nice inside.  All the kids met everyone today that works there.  Lucy was especially excited to see her friend Tara again.

We went out to lunch at Maggie's Cafe.  It's a very small cafe and they make everything from scratch.  The hamburgers were delicious and huge.  Brian knew many of the people that were there.  The kids were surprised at how many people knew him.  I took everyone on the tour of the town.  Palmer and Andy were impressed with the look of the middle school.  It's new and very big.

Lots of things to do tomorrow, I'll let you know how it all goes!


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