Sunday, January 18, 2015

Almost exactly to the hour 24 years ago today Brian and I got married in the Salt Lake Temple!

We've had quite the adventure and I hope it continues for the next 24 years and beyond!

We are going to Billings tomorrow afternoon and spending the night in the big city Yahoo!

Palmer and Andy are in the thick of wrestling season.  Nearly every weekend Palmer and the wrestling team leave on Thursday and don't get back until Saturday.  They have been to Utah, South Dakota, and Green River (Wyoming, not Utah).  Palmer has been doing pretty well, he wins more than he loses.  It's Andy's first time wrestling and he is doing pretty well.  His first meet wasn't the best, but he is learning fast and improving.  Thankfully his meets are only on Saturday and just an hour or two away.  (That's close compared to 5-7 hours away!)  Next week both of them wrestle here in Worland!

Palmer got his second college acceptance letter--North Texas University!  That's 2 out of three so far.  He won't know about BYU for a few more weeks.  I'm proud of all his hard work and taking the time to apply to schools that require so many essays!

Lucy has started gymnastics and absolutely loves it!  They have a pretty good program here with a complete gym and all the apparatuses.  She is trying to get stronger by doing push-ups, I've watched her do up to 25 push-ups--the full length ones!  She's pretty strong!

Eric came home from school the other day excited to tell me they climbed the rope in P.E. and only one other person climbed higher than he did!  Looks like we have a couple of strong armed kids!

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