Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quick post before I go to bed:

Worland beat Cody in wrestling and Palmer pinned his guy in under a minute.

Andy pinned his Cody guy in the 8th grade wrestling in 15 seconds.

Peter was home sick a bit today.

Lucy is better and went to school.

And I was so blessed to get the quick 12 hour stomach thing as well.  Ugh.

Palmer heads to Lander tomorrow for a two day tournament.  Wrestling seriously is time consuming, but he loves it and his grades haven't suffered.

It was -8 this morning.  Second ugh.  I think I'm getting white blindness, can I see some color please?  The cold frozen snow isn't as pretty anymore.  Lucy keeps wanting to play her Frozen CD, I want to throw it out in our own version of Frozen!

Here's to a Friday sans sickness and below zero temps!

(Rant over, perhaps I shouldn't post when I'm recovering from my guts being twisted in a knot!)

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