Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monday morning I woke up excited to be heading to Billings with Brian for a night.  Andy informed me that his stomach was killing him and I told him to go back to bed.  Then Peter said the same thing.  Oh no, perhaps we weren't going after all!  The other kids left the house and I said a prayer that these two boys would be well and healthy.  Peter woke up awhile later and I sat with him for awhile.  Around 8:15 he said he felt fine and wanted to go to school, so he did.  Andy still didn't feel well.  I told him that we would stay and not go and he said he would be fine just being home by himself.

We left around 12:00 and hoped for the best with Andy and the rest of the kids.  Andy ended up watching hours of cartoon network and said it was the most boring day of his life!  Perhaps that will break him of watching monotonous tv!  He was fine the next day and went to school.

We had great roads and the temperature in Billings was in the 40s which was a nice break from the single digits!  We grabbed a hamburger in Basin at the gas station/burger joint (they are better than fast food burgers).  Once we were in Billings Brian needed to do some work related stuff and then we checked into our hotel--Crowne Plaza.  It very nice hotel, all 20 stories of it.  I forget what tall buildings look like since the tallest one here in Worland is 2 stories!  Then we hit a couple of stores: a music store, Target, Great Clips for a haircut for Brian.  We decided to see a movie-the third Night at the Museum, and had dinner at Olive Garden.  We headed back to the hotel and decided to work some of those calories off at the gym at the hotel.  

The next morning we hit the gym again and then headed to the temple.  It was so nice to be there, I really enjoyed it.  We hadn't taken the time for breakfast and by the time we left the temple it was 12:00, so we looked for a place to eat and settled on Famous Dave's barbecue that had been recommended to us by our friend.  It didn't disappoint, very good.  I even tried some of the spicy barbecue sauce:

Then we tackled the real shopping: the Mall, Walmart, and Costco.  Brian and I both scored some major deals at the mall--$9 pants at the Gap, $3 shirts at Abercrombie and Fitch, and Brian got some shoes that were normally $125 for $66.  Success!  The icing on the cake was the gas at Costco--$1.85!  We were back home by 6:00 and the kids had mixed feelings about seeing us!  Lucy and Peter missed us, Eric said he missed us a little bit and Emma said she liked it when we were gone!!  Next time we are staying for more than one night, and maybe we should branch out and go somewhere besides Billings!

This morning Lucy woke up with whatever Andy had.  What a blessing that she was fine yesterday!  Today is a hang out on the couch with Lucy day and watch PBS kids.  There are definitely worse ways to spend you day!

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