Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's wrestling time!  Wrestling season is in full swing.  Palmer is gone every weekend and Andy has meets every Saturday.  Andy is getting better and I think he is actually liking it more than he thought he would.  On Saturday there was a big meet here in Worland (it's always a thing to rejoice over when the meet is at home!).  Andy came in 2nd out of all the schools in his weight class of 145!  Here are a few pictures (he's on the top):

Palmer was in Lander Friday and Saturday for a big tournament.  He won his first match on Friday, but then lost the other two and so didn't get to wrestle on Saturday.  He had a great win on Thursday, however, and had his name in the paper for the fastest pin of the night!

Palmer also gave a talk on Sunday.  He had to prepare it in the times he wasn't wrestling in Lander and did a pretty good job!  It was on Family History, not one of his favorite topics!  I think he is starting to have a change of heart, however.  I went on family search Sunday night and by using the newish descendancy tab was able to find a name of one of Brian's dad's ancestors from Sweden who hadn't had his work done!  I printed it out and Palmer can take it to the temple when the young men go in a couple of weeks!  Really cool, I didn't realize how easy it was and it only took me about 30 minutes to find it!  I also found a bunch of my Alder ancestors whose work hadn't been done and noticed that someone else was working on that line, I was able to get her email address (she lives in Manti) and I emailed her to ask if she would mind if I did some of their work.  She called me on Monday and we had a very nice chat.  She is getting ready to take all the names to the temple, so I won't be reserving them, but it was really cool to talk to a distant cousin!!

The missionaries ate dinner at our house again on Sunday.  They are really great girls and we love to have them over.  I feel like I am starting to pay back all the wonderful people who fed me on my mission, it's going to take a long time to pay back that debt!

On a different topic, I have started going to a weight training class at the gym.  Yesterday was my first day.  The gym owner is the personal trainer and he is very intense.  I woke up so sore today.  I sneezed and every muscle hurt!  I guess it's working!  I'm actually pretty excited about it, I've never been good at weight training so this should be good!

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