Monday, April 13, 2015

Cheer for Emma and Audrey

It's late and I've had a killer headache today, but I wanted to post these awesome pictures before I went to bed!

Emma had her cheerleading banquet tonight.  She received a varsity letter for her participation.  As the coach was calling her up she said that Emma always made everyone laugh and that she made the best faces!  That's the Emma we know and love!

Her letter

All the cheerleaders that participated, some only cheered in the Fall, some only in the Winter (like Emma) and some all year.

My dear friend and college roommate, Traci Osborn, who lives in Topeka Kansas, took Audrey's pictures for her college graduation.  Audrey spent last summer at an internship in Topeka and spent a lot of time with Traci and her family.  As part of Audrey's graduation present we flew her back there to reconnect with friends and to have Traci take her picture because she is an awesome photographer! Audrey looks and is gorgeous!

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