Saturday, April 11, 2015


Tonight was Junior/Senior Prom.  Here in Worland it's seems like a VERY big deal.  Only junior and seniors are allowed to attend.  The only exceptions are if a junior or senior asks a sophomore or freshman then they can attend.  Either boy or girl can ask someone to prom, it's not an exclusively boys choice dance.

Palmer asked Shelby Hodges.  Her twin brother is a wrestler that Palmer knows well.  Emma asked a boy in the other ward, David Robertson.  The evening of prom everyone gathers at the high school gym which is REALLY decorated so that it doesn't look like a gym.  Nearly the entire city is there, we were told to come at least 30 minutes early to get a seat.  Even people who don't have a child going to prom come.  The Grand March starts at 6:00 pm.  The principal announces each couples name and they walk the around the gym and through the arch.  There were 81 couples, so it took some time.  After the couples walk through the arch and pose for pictures they all sit down in chairs on the gym floor.  Then they announce the prom prince and princess and king and queen.  After that the parents are free to take pictures and talk with everyone.  At 9:00 the parents leave and the dance starts.

Emma's date didn't quite know what to do!

I think Shelby's dress is beautiful!  She is a really nice girl.  Palmer looked handsome in his cool tux!

The surprise of the night was when they announced that the 2015 Junior Prom Princess is Emma Edholm!  WOW!  Brian and I didn't know what to think!  EMMA!  Palmer's face was priceless when they announced it--complete disbelief!

My Emma the Princess!

The girl who was crowned queen is also a member of the church who attends the ward in Basin.  She drives 30 minutes to come to high school in Worland because it's a little bigger than very small Basin which has about 1200 people.  I'm so proud of my little Emma!  She has such a happy personality it doesn't surprise me she got voted into the prom court.

Peter and Eric had their last wrestling meet today in Riverton.  Eric came in 5th out of 5 wrestlers and Peter came in 3rd and got a medal.  They have both improved and I think enjoyed it.  Andy also happened to be in Riverton for the middle school track meet.  This one was pretty big.  Andy came in 5th in the 200 meter hurdles out of a large number of runners.

We are headed into the last 4 weeks of school!  It's hard to believe we are approaching our year mark here in Worland!  I don't think I could have envisioned what my life would be like when we moved here.  I have to say I'm pleasantly and gratefully surprised at the many good things that have happened to me and my family!

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