Friday, April 17, 2015


Peter just lost a tooth while eating Wheat Thins!  Now his smile is even more goofy than before!

Last night Eric went to the middle school for all 5th graders who wanted to try out an instrument to see if they would like to take band next year.  Eric wanted to go so we went.  He wants to play the Baritone!  They didn't have one there for him to try, so he tried the trombone (because the mouthpiece is the same size as the baritone) and he got a pretty good sound out of it!  I didn't realize that he had that much air in him!  He then tried the trumpet, which was harder to make as a sound, and got that to work as well.  He moved on to the clarinet and played that too!  Yay for Eric!

The count down is on:
7 more days until Audrey is a college graduate
29 days until Lauren is a married woman
46 more days until Palmer steps on the plane for the DR!

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